Cuban Regime Enrichment OK – Biden Reverses Another Trump Directive

Do they know Cuba is Communist?

The Biden administration revealed that they are lifting the restrictions Trump put in place in 2020, and opening travel to Cuba. He is removing cash limits to Cuba from remittances. They say they’re providing more services to Cuba’s nonexistent “private sector.” And the move came on the same day that the Cuban regime implemented a new penalty for “insulting” any regime official: 3 years in prison. It also contained 37 new crimes that can be used against the citizens of Cuba. Never mind that Cuba is on the US list of regimes that are designated state sponsors of terror.

Helping everyone but our own citizens

The @AsambleaCuba approves the new Criminal Code Law, a necessary and irreplaceable document for the nation, adjusted to the reality of #Cuba and in line with the most modern in the world.

It is fair, educational and modern.

Twitter translation

In an effort to stop Cuban Regime enrichment with American money and hamstring Communists, President Trump instituted restrictions on the amount of money that Cuba could receive from Americans to $1000 per person per quarter. He also restricted travel to and from the island nation, as well as to Venezuela and Nicaragua. The problem with Biden’s removal of those things is that the Communist Cuban regime will now have access to more money. Ultimately, it will help them continue their repression.

The Biden administration’s move also follows a brutal crackdown on pro-democracy dissidents – some of whom protested the Castro regime by waving American flags – who participated in the mass national protests on July 11, 2021.

An estimated 187,000 people took to the streets of nearly every municipality on the island of Cuba that day to demand an end to communism, resulting in widespread arrests and human rights abuses such as violent door-to-door raids on suspected protesters. In one case, Cuban regime agents shot a man suspected of having protested in his own living room – in front of his toddler twin sons.

Following the protests and door-to-door raids against peaceful protesters, Cuba’s legal system conducted mass trials of up to 30 people at once, often sentencing them to decades in prison for “vandalism,” “sedition,” and other crimes like “disrespect.” Many of those sentenced are children. In March, the Castro regime sentenced two 16-year-old boys to ten years in prison and a 17-year-old boy to 19 years in prison for opposing communism.

Despite the repression, protests have continued consistently on the island, now far from the spotlight of American corporate media.


cuban regime
Screenshot of a protester from 6 years ago who is about to be arrested

The Cuban regime has a history of mass jailings — even children. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children CEO Rick Ferran grew up in the Communist nation, and learned one of his childhood friends suddenly “disappeared” because of his wish to come to the United States. In his case, his family was seriously persecuted before they were able to come here legally. Cuban-Americans know well the horrific cost of wanting freedom over tyranny in the Communist country.

“We will authorize scheduled and charter flights to locations beyond Havana. We also will implement regulatory changes to reinstate group people-to-people and other categories of group educational travel, as well as certain travel related to professional meetings and professional research. Including to support expanded Internet access and remittance processing companies and to provide additional support to Cuban entrepreneurs.”

US State Department

Yes, you read that correctly, it sounds like America taxpayer money is going to the Cuban regime in the name of “education.” The administration believes they won’t enrich the Cuban regime who commits human rights abuses. How they think they’ll determine that is anyone’s guess. According to news media, Minrex, the Cuban Communist Foreign Relations Ministry pushed on Biden to enact the measures. ‘Oh nothing to see here, just do it and help us out.’

“We will encourage the growth of Cuba’s private sector by supporting greater access to U.S. Internet services, applications, and e-commerce platforms.”

Ned Price, State Department spokesperson.

Does anyone at the State Department understand that because it’s a Communist country, there is no such thing as a “private sector?” Apparently not. They are once again helping everyone but Americans.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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