Crying wolf for the most devious of motives

Ramadan…meaning ‘Scorched Earth’…began on July 8th and ended on August 4th, the so-called ‘Night of Power’ (Laylet al-Qadr)…the ‘Night of Revelation’…the ‘Night of Destiny’…when the first verses of the (vile) qur’an were revealed to mohamed…or so the muslims claim.

And on that day, on orders initiating from Barack HUSSEIN Obama, 19 US embassies across the Middle East, North Africa, and certain parts of Asia were closed and locked down as a precautionary measure. Closed and locked down because of what government officials and ‘supposed’ intel operatives said was an ‘unspecified’ terrorist threat coming from al-Qaeda and its affiliates…as in intercepted communiques which ‘supposedly’ included an attack order from al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri to Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

But of course NOTHING happened as most of us knew it wouldn’t, because Obama gave the game plan away (probably to warn his brethren) giving al-Qaeda time to change their plans…if there were ever any plans to attack our embassies to begin with. And even if this was true, the ONLY embassy that should have been closed was the one in Yemen, the new ground point zero for al-Qaeda operations.

And now a week later as all the embassies are reopening, except for the one in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, the stage has been set for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to do what he does best…campaign about how wonderful he is and what a great decision he made in order to keep our embassy personnel safe. But wonderful he is NOT for whether the threat was real or NOT is quite the distraction from the fact that this miserable excuse of a president once again allowed our beloved America to seem weak in the eyes of the world…allowed America to be seen as backing down to the enemy…allowed America to be seen as a coward who high tails it and runs when threats…’unspecific’ threats at that…get too great.

And this ‘We the People’ can NEVER forgive him for as America caters to and backs down to NO one…to NO nation…especially to NO muslim (YES muslim) terrorist organization…at lest this was so before this man…this muslim…usurped his way into the presidency.

But what can we expect from a man who sides with the enemy every chance he gets…a man who welcomes the enemy into the White House…the American people’s house…to break bread. Remember, just last month Obama hosted his fifth,…YES fifth…White House ‘ iftar’ dinner in the State Dining Room to celebrate Ramadan. Joined by members of his administration, elected officials, religious leaders, and members of the diplomatic corps Obama saluted muslims (on national television NO less) who claim to be Americans (I will NOT hyphenate anyone claiming to be an American) for their, according to him, contributions in helping build the nation as business entrepreneurs, technology innovators, and pioneers in medicine (gagging BIG time on that one).

Remember at that dinner Obama said the holy month of Ramadan was “a time of reflection, a chance to demonstrate ones devotion to God through prayer and through fasting, but it’s also a time for family and friends to come together”…as in his family…his friends…his devotion to his God…the false pseudo-god known as allah…for NO true Christian or Jew would grovel like that before those out to kill them.

Remember it well for this is where Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s allegiances lie…always have and always will.

So knowing where Obama’s true allegiances lie why did he really close all those embassies…why would he do something so drastic, at a huge cost to we taxpayers based on what amounts to little definitive information…why when one year ago direct communications were received from Ambassador Stevens begging for back-up and help at Benghazi…why when Obama saw with his own eyes the video coverage of the attacks from the drones flying above the compound did he and his people claim they didn’t have enough information to act…why…why…why.

Why…could it have something to do with what I’ve said since day one…that Ambassador Stevens caught Obama and his people smuggling guns and military grade weapons to the al-Qaeda supported and financed Syrian rebels and was going to expose him…could those weapons have been the ones unaccounted for that he ILLEGALLY gave to the Libyans in violation of our Constitution’s ‘War Powers Clause’. And why last week were US Navy amphibious ships in the Red Sea moved closer to Yemen and then pulled back…

Or…and this is a biggie…did all these closings have to do with Edward Snowden and Obama’s fear that Snowden found out ‘certain things’ and is ‘talking’ to his nemesis Russian President Vladimir Putin. Could Obama have had to destroy all the evidence housed in our embassies to hide ‘certain’ high-level classified spying programs…to shred documents…to delete files and films…to try and wipe his fingerprints NOT only off of Benghazi with his weapons running but to wipe clean his role in spying on Russia, especially with Russia supporting Assad’s government forces and he supporting the al-Qaeda backed rebels. Could this be the real reason for the closings…what better way to stealthily operate than to do closings in plain sight while the world’s eyes were diverted away by phony terrorist threats…this way he could do his ‘dirty work’ behind closed and sealed doors while the world was fooled into thinking the doors were closed for the safety of our embassy personnel…and doing this to coincide with Ramadan is the perfect cover for it all.

I put NOTHING passed this most vile of men, for Obama is NOT trying to get Snowden back because of his disclosures about spying on ‘We the People’…he needs Snowden back because he might spills the beans on him. And don’t think for a minute that Eric Snowden won’t end up being in an ‘unfortunate accident’ somewhere…but above all else NEVER forget that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s loyalties will NEVER be with America, with American interests, or with ‘We the People’ but will always be with those out to kill us.


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