Crybullies take over college town hall on race, demand everything for free

uncprotestStudents at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill were holding a town hall event on race when, naturally, a motley collection of what many have come to call “crybullies” took over the forum with the usual collection of ridiculous demands.

Essentially, they want everything, they want it all for free and of course, they want it right this second.

Twitchy posted some tweets about the takeover of the event, which was hosted by Clarence Page:

Which, by the way, pretty much sums up just about any leftist “protest” these days.

So what are these demands?  Here’s the “abridged” version:

And yes, that’s a college indoctrinator, better known as a “professor.”


One word: Waaaaaah.

OK, I’ll give it three words.  Get. Over. It.

Poor baby.  You special cupcakes wanna know what “taxing” is? Ask these guys:


Until you’ve experienced a little of this, don’t come crying about your hurt feelings.


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