Crybaby Caucus ends #DemocratSitIn, vows to continue fight to strip due process, gun rights

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Crybaby Caucus ends sit-in

On Thursday, Democrats — also known as the “Crybaby Caucus” (or the “Waaahhh Caucus”) — ended their 25-hour sit-in demanding that House Republicans vote on bills that don’t exist and were killed in the Senate.

According to Politico:

House Democrats ended their sit-in protest on gun control Thursday, a full day after they seized control of the floor.

The protest wrapped up with closing remarks by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who helped spearhead the effort, and a rally with supporters outside the Capitol. Democrats vowed more action when the House returns after the July 4 recess.

Earlier on Thursday, Democratic leaders had sent out a call to arms, asking members to head to the floor and bolster their fatigued colleagues as momentum behind the sit-in seemed to be waning.

“Members of our Caucus are still on the Floor speaking about No Bill, No Break. Please come to the Floor to continue showing unity and to relieve colleagues who have been on the Floor since the House adjourned earlier this morning,” read the notice blasted to the Democratic caucus this morning.

Despite being mocked across the country for their childish prank, which didn’t really accomplish anything except illustrate their opposition to the Constitution, Democrats vowed to continue the fight to strip Americans of their due process rights and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I wouldn’t call sitting on the floor “acting,” but that’s just me…

Naturally, the anti-gun lobby hailed their efforts:

There were critics as well:

Steven Crowder put it quite succinctly:

We could not agree more.


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