Cruz sweeps Wyoming, picks up all 14 delegates

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gay7 ted cruzOn Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, won all 14 delegates at the state GOP Convention in Wyoming, an event that Donald Trump decided wasn’t worth the effort.

CNN reported:

The crowd here was clearly in Cruz’s corner, as the Texas senator was the only candidate to make the trip to Casper — ahead of a major snowstorm — and Sarah Palin, scheduled to speak for Trump, previously canceled.

“If you don’t want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, if you don’t want to hand the general (election) to Hillary Clinton, which is what a Trump nomination does, then I ask you to please support the men and women on this slate,” Cruz said, holding up a piece of paper of 14 recommended delegates.

Twelve members of that slate won. They are bound to the senator on the first ballot and have also made a non-binding pledge to stick with him as long as things go in Cleveland.

Instead of campaigning for any of those delegates, CNN added, Trump blew the state off, calling the process “unfair.”

“The system is rigged,” he complained.

CNN explained that Wyoming’s process favors the organized candidate.  And Cruz was organized.

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CNN added:

Twelve delegates were already awarded at county meetings last month — and nine of them are to Cruz backers, with one for Trump, one for Marco Rubio and one uncommitted. An additional three delegates are party officials

With Saturday’s sweep, Cruz now has at least 23 of the 29 delegates from the state.

A post at the pro-Trump Gateway Pundit falsely called the convention “voter-less” while another post whined that supporters broke out in celebration for Cruz, who actually took the time to campaign in the state.

Trump, on the other hand, called Wyoming voters a “waste” of his time and money.

“I don’t want to waste millions of dollars going out to Wyoming many months before to wine and dine and to essentially pay off all these people because a lot of it’s a pay-off,” Trump said during an appearance on Fox, the network Mark Levin now calls an undeclared Trump Super PAC. “You understand that, they treat ’em, they take ’em to dinner, they get ’em hotels. I mean the whole thing’s a big pay-off, has nothing to do with democracy.”

Trump dismissed the process as unfair, but state GOP chairman Matt Micheli explained it’s the same process that’s been in place for 40 years.

“I don’t think there are any fundamental issues with the way it’s been done,” he said.


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