Crowd at Mandela memorial cheer Mugabe, Abbas, boo George W. Bush

bush-clintonIt seems Bush Derangement Syndrome is a world-wide malady.  Former President George W. Bush attended the memorial for Nelson Mandela and got booed by the crowd when his face was shown to the crowd.

On the other hand, attendees cheered Mahmoud Abbas and Robert Mugabe.

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Bush, classy as ever, gave Obama a standing ovation for his eulogy — even though Obama attacked Republicans.

Weasel Zippers noted:

The fact that Bush has saved millions of African lives seems to have been lost on the crowd at the memorial, most of whom seemed to be African National Congress adherents.

The ANC has its own legacy of terrorism and murder so perhaps cheering terrorists and dictators are right in line with that history.

It also seems the crowd forgot that Mandela was on the U.S. terrorist watch list until he was removed in 2008 — by George W. Bush.

Twitchy asked:  “Did they let the Daily Kos crowd out of their moms’ basements for the Nelson Mandela memorial service in South Africa today?”

Sure seems that way.