Crooked Democrats, Cheating Hillary – Bribery, Rigged Elections

So this morning we have some Republicans calling for Donald Trump to drop out because he loves beautiful women and made a lewd comment 11 years ago. Meanwhile, the Democrats are busily rigging the race by offering money to people for their votes, filing fake voter registrations, and Hillary is using a teleprompter in the debates.  And we wonder why the nation has fallen apart.

#PodiumGate: There was a teleprompter built into Hillary’s podium. Trump’s podium didn’t have one. He didn’t cheat, she did.

#Bribery: Then we have Democrats offering money for votes in the corrupt city of Chicago:

“America has the best politicians money can buy.” Will Rogers, undated notes

ABC7 Chicago reported,

Is America headed for a recession?

“State’s Attorney Jamie Boyd, a Republican, issued a news release Tuesday saying the county clerk’s office received three complaints from people who said they were offered bribes by “individuals from Chicago” in return for voting for Democratic candidates. He says several vote-by-mail applications appear to have come from people living outside the county.”

And that’s not counting those who were being intimidated into voting early. People have been bringing voters to the polls to cast their votes early. Dems are charging that the people have been “illegally turned away from the polls.” An investigation was started into the schemes, and a voter fraud hotline set up.

“This unprecedented action was taken in response to reports of individuals from Chicago offering gifts to potential voters in exchange for a vote for Kate Cloonen, Hillary Clinton and others. Our office takes seriously the obligation to protect the rights of citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice, and to do so without undue influence from special interest groups.

The investigation will also focus on the authenticity of vote by mail requests. Several applications have been filed with the election authority that appear to be fraudulently executed.” Jamie Boyd, Kankakee County State’s Attorney

Back in June a lawsuit was to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Integrity in Ohio courts against the DNC for violating  the RICO (Racketeering) statute by rigging the primaries. For some odd reason they haven’t been able to raise enough money to get the lawsuit off the ground.

Donald Trump was right: the election is rigged.  The corruption has gone far past tolerable.

“I don’t know who started the idea that a President must be a Politician instead of a Business man. A Politician can’t run any other kind of business. So there is no reason why he can run the U.S. That’s the biggest single business in the World.” Will Rogers January 14, 1923

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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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