Criminals Illegal Aliens Tell Liberal Cities, “Sanctuary Much”

You have heard about the young woman in San Francisco, who was murdered by an illegal alien that the city of San Francisco released from jail against the orders of ICE.  Actually, it’s much worse than that.  SF told ICE they had a warrant for the illegal alien, knowing that it was already well past the statute of limitations, so they could save him from deportation.  Do I smell a major lawsuit here?

Liberals have been going on TV and saying that you can’t condemn sanctuary cities for one isolated incident.  OK, let’s don’t.  In 2014, sanctuary cities released illegal aliens who had committed serious offenses over 8,145 times in 276 sanctuary cities.  That’s just the number of criminal illegals with ICE detainers.  Those 276 cities released a total of 17,000 illegals with criminal convictions.  Of that 8,145,  5132 illegals had prior arrest records.  Of those, 2,984 had serious felony convictions including rape.

Within 8 months of release, those illegal aliens were arrested for the commission of almost 7500 new crimes including child sex abuse.  That’s .44 crimes for every illegal released.  Doesn’t sound so isolated now, does it?

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