Criminal Illegal Alien Let Out Onto Street Repeatedly Rapes 10 Year Old

illegal-immI’m getting mighty tired of hearing of women and children being raped and Americans being slaughtered by illegal aliens.  How about you?  Unfortunately it will continue to be a common theme until Obama exits the White House.

In an all too familiar story, one of the illegal aliens who looks like an Obama “son” has managed to avoid serving the five year prison sentence that was handed down to him, dodge deportation by the Muslim-in-Chief and goes on to rape a ten year old girl.

It’s actually even more familiar than you know, since liberal cities and the federal government refuse to name the legal status of criminals convicted of heinous crimes.  Illegal aliens comprise less than 4% of the population but over 35% of the population in federal prisons.

Ruben Hernandez-Nunez was convicted of criminal mischief in 2013 but was allowed to bond out and never had to serve his sentence.  ICE did not deport him under orders from Obama.  Then a ten-year-old girl reached out to the police and informed them that Hernandez-Nunez had been sexually abusing her for weeks.  He is being held in lieu of $255,000 bail.

This should slow him down a bit.  It could be weeks before he is back on the street and able to commit another crime.

Maybe it’s time we reinstate and old English law.  That law allowed judges to free anyone they wished.  But there’s a catch.  Should that person commit another crime, the judge would also have to serve the same jail sentence.  Very few prisoners were ever released.

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