CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: New Laws Show SHOCKING Difference In Legal Priorities Between Red And Blue States (Video)

The usual Presstitutes in the so-called legacy media routinely make the case that every leftist win is a win ‘for democracy’ and every Republican win a ‘threat’ to Democracy.

That’s the lens that the activists who carried Biden’s water through the pandemic and the 2020 election WANT us to see these issues through. But it’s hardly the ONLY issue.

A better way is to see what people’s real priorities are is to look at what laws are being passed, and what laws will not be rigorously enforced.

Here’s a quick recap of how the culture war has been framed so far before we look at the new laws being enacted.

The left, for example, has been actively dividing us along racial lines (pitting one group against another using the Marxist oppressor/oppressed dichotomy), and they have elevated sex to the very foremost of their agenda, including pitting it against the interests of their traditional supporters like old-school feminists like J.K. Rowling or lesbian sports icons like Martina Navratilova.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

When they see a government responding to parental demands that young kids not be introduced to sexual content, the left (and their Media(D) allies) they make up a line about it being a ‘don’t say gay’ law. The fact that the law forbidding the teaching of sexual content to the lower grades never once mentions the word gay in the text is irrelevant for their propaganda. They run with the ‘don’t say gay’ narrative anyway.

Ditto for the exclusion of graphic depictions of sex in libraries. The very same people who so proudly removed ‘problematic’ books like To Kill a MockingbirdThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or even Dr. Seuss suddenly rushed to the barricades over the ‘book burners’ who excluded such fine literature that parents reading it at School Board meetings had their mics cut off for use of inappropriate profanity.

Where were these indignant defenders of free speech in book choice when we saw people punished for having Bible at school?

We could look at any other issue — from questioning election results [2000 and 2016 vs 2020 and 2022]

The New laws Red vs Blue (examples)


In California, there is now a ‘fundamental right’ for state residents ‘to choose to have an abortion’, as well as the ‘right to choose or refuse contraceptives’. (But flavored tobacco is outlawed, and legal gun owners have more restrictions year by year.)

They have also stockpiled abortion pills in response to court rulings on the availability of a brand of abortion-inducing pill.

Florida, meanwhile, has limited abortions to six weeks, and a newly-minted Florida Congresswoman brought this testimony to the halls of Congress:

Early in the latest round of this fighting, WaPo attempted to ‘own’ Texas over their legislation when they ran a long-winded story about the hardships a young woman from Corpus Christie.

She had an unexpected pregnancy and a difficult life saying she had been cheated out of an abortion by the new law in Texas. It was only at the very end of a magazine-length essay that you see the young couple getting married and the critical admission left out of most pro-abortion literature… the powerful reality of maternal love: “She told herself that alternate life didn’t matter anymore. She had two babies she loved more than anything else in the world.”

Loved more than anything else in the world — including all the things abortion activists tell us to trade it for.


Blue states like New York, Washington, Minnesota, and others have leaned wa-a-ay into the lawless demands of soft-on-crime activists that let criminals walk free, as evidenced by the changes in bail laws and the refusal to prosecute certain crimes. After seeing Biden and Kamala raise bail money for rioters (and worse) in their last campaign, should this really surprise anyone?

In California, for example, some convicts serving out a life sentence — or awaiting the death penalty — could soon walk free, thanks to SB 94.

“The people supporting this should really be ashamed of themselves,” said Jonathan Hatami, a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles who is running to replace the county’s current DA, George Gascon. “I’m a Democrat, and I’m 100% against this. I’m also a dad and a caring human being.” –FoxNews

Red states are going in the other direction. Donald Trump’s 2024 platform has specifically called for — among other thigs — the ousting of DAs who refuse to enforce the laws on the books.

But it’s not just Trump.

In Arkansas, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders just signed a law prohibiting the early parole of anyone who is convicted of one or more of 18 specific violent offenses, including capital murder and rape.

Florida reacted to a certain infamous school shooter ducking the death penalty by revisiting the standards it takes to qualify for it. (Had he been tried under the criteria, in the bill that was just passed, he’d now be on death by row.) They are also proposing applying the death penalty to cases of child rape.

Speaking of children since they are very much at the center of today’s culture war what about this hotly-contested issue:

Children using radical means to prevent the natural progression of their bodies to sexual maturity

Some countries that had led the charge for gender-affirming policies have pulled WAY back in light of new discoveries. New claims about the science are de and harsh reality of those who have come out the other side of the ‘gender-affirming care’ process launching lawsuits against people who had counseled them to radically alter their bodies before puberty

Washington State has taken that gender-affirming care and leaned further in with HB 1469. Washington will offer special protections to people offering ‘gender-affirming care’ and abortions to out-of-state patients.

California has extended its ‘sanctuary state’ approach to laws it dislikes to cases involving custody disputes between parents involving a minor child caught up in a crisis of gender identity. Even Reuters, in trying to debunk conservative critiques, has affirmed their central point.

While SB 107 (here), does not grant California courts any new powers to take custody of minors away from parents, according to legal analysts, it was designed in part to prevent California courts from participating in another state’s attempt to take custody away from parents for providing gender-affirming care to their child. –Reuters

They are even proposing that the state will remove custody of any child whose parents fail to adequately affirm that child’s new gender.

Hospitals that once claimed not to have been violating the law by performing radical surgery on minors are now advocating for the normalizing of the same procedures they had been secretly performing.

But red states are creating new laws specifically addressing both puberty blockers and radical gender reassignment surgeries for children who are still seen by the law as too young and irresponsible to legally enter into any formal contract.

So many in fact, that the Presstitutes are releasing maps to highlight the ‘horror’ of it all.

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