Creepy Clown Sightings on the Rise — Heavily Armed Southerners Fed Up

Creepy clown sightings spike. (Pinterest)
Creepy clown sightings spike. (Pinterest)

Nothing gives one a case of the jimjams, willies, or horripilations more than the sight of a creepy clown. Kicking it up a notch to a case of the heebie-jeebies is a creepy clown sighted on the edge of any given woodline.

A full blown case of the shivering oogies is when a creepy clown is seen along the treeline next to a school.

And unfortunately, creepy clown sightings are on the rise throughout the nation as reported by NBC News. 11104_120931084864

But while elected officials and law enforcement officials are stymied on how to deal with the growing problem, the good people of Yalobusha County, Mississippi, just may have a resolution that would make Major General Edward Walthall (formerly of the Yalobusha Rifles, 15th Mississippi Infantry, Confederate States Army) very proud.

NBC News has noted that sighting have been reported in the following states since last month. Obviously, scaring the crap out of just about everyone:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Furthermore, the following was reported;

“Our citizens are frustrated with everything going on in society and this is another issue to address,” Christopher Nacco, the sheriff of Pasco County, Florida, told NBC News in an email Saturday following a spate of claimed sightings.

“We are warning teens and young adults not to get involved in this fad, of dressing up as clowns to cause fear,” Nacco added, “because eventually someone is going to perceive their actions as a threat and take justice in their own hands.”

Somehow, NBC News seems to have missed the two different sightings in Mississippi that occurred a week and a half prior to NBC’s published report.

While the equation of creepy clown +  skulking on the edge of the woods + any given school in session = most everyone experiencing a meltdown of Biblical proportions, WLOX of Biloxi, Mississippi, cites that due to just the rumored talk of a creepy clown sighting in Coahoma County, resulted in the School Resource Officer ordering a lockdown.

Reportedly, no solid evidence of a bloodthirsty Bozo was ever discovered.

However, in nearby Yalobusha County, the locals are certainly no-nonsense when it comes any threat to their children. With the racial makeup of the county 60/40 white to black, any possible prankster or real psycho threatening any of their children might want to think twice.

As noted, the residents of Yalobusha County has no compunction against using firearms to protect their children; (Emphasis mine)

Across the state in Yalobusha County, residents said a clown was definitively found.

“There was a guy standing over there by the bushes,” Clale Handerson said. largeclown

Handerson said the man the man was six feet tall, 200 pounds, and wearing a clown mask–he was spotted on rural Central Road in Water Valley on Saturday night.

“Orange on the side and a sharp tooth face. Like ‘It,'” Handerson said of the mask the man wore.

Handerson said the man stood between a light post and trees where the glow shining on his mask was all he could see.

“I chased him up the road and back behind the neighbor’s house,” he said.

The man then took off and kept running into the woods, deep enough where neighbors who took to the streets with their guns were unable to locate the clown.

Kimberly Compton said the clown ran through her daughter’s backyard.

“My grandson was so upset, he said he couldn’t come back to Nana’s until they caught the clown. It’s heartbreaking,” Compton said.

The incident has the entire neighborhood shaken.

“I really fully believe they are targeting children,” Compton said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but no, I do not think this was a prank.”

“If you’re pulling a prank, you’re in the South, people have guns and they will use them. That’s not funny at all,” Compton said.


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