Creeping sharia creeps along thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama

While we have all been focused on the disaster known as ObamaCare…diverted to focus on I should say…something very dangerous… something Barack HUSSEIN Obama sanctions… has silently and under the radar been creeping into the fabric of our American society…and its name is sharia law.

Creeping slowly over this year into cities across America, sharia law…a form of soft jihad…is the first step in Obama’s and his muslim buddies goal of turning our beloved America into an islamic caliphate. Here are but three examples:

In Dearborn, Michigan…a city where 30% of its 98,000 residents are muslim (the largest concentration of muslims in the US)…their muslim stacked city council recently voted 4-3 to became the first US city to ‘officially’ implement all aspects of sharia law into its city government. Starting on January 1st, what now is governed under American secular law…meaning crime, politics and economics…will now become sharia compliant as will personal matters such as sexual issues, fasting, prayer, diet, and hygiene…in other words all religious conduct and rituals.

Hear anything about this in the media…I think NOT.

Last March 3rd, Richard A. Nielson, a 13th Circuit Court Judge, ruled that a civil suit between the Islamic Education Center of Tampa, Florida and four of its trustees be remanded to another venue…in this case venue meaning that the suit be settled under ‘Ecclesiastical Islamic Law’ which is NOTHING but a fancy name for sharia law. By doing this, Judge Nielson has knowingly violated our separation of Church and State laws, thus giving legitimacy to the sharia as a way to settle civil disputes between muslims…muslims living here in America who should be governed under our laws alone if just for the mere fact that they’re living here…remember, as in Rome do as the Romans do.

Hear much about this from the media…again I think NOT.

Article 36 of The Constitution of Maryland prohibits special treatment for any religious group yet that constitution has been thrown aside to cater to complaining muslim women bathers at a public pool in Howard County, Maryland. Instead of telling them to bug off…and having the legal constitutional grounds to do so…these burqa and hajib garbed women have been acquiesced to and afforded separate swim times where all others must leave the public pool, and where only female life guards will now be allowed, as per the sharia tenet of NOT being allowed to swim in mixed company. But I say if muslim women want special allowances made just for them like with this pool issue, let them build their own pool to swim in…or better yet let them pack up and go live in countries that condone such nonsense.

As CAIR founder Omar Ahmad said on many occasions, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America.”

And so these are but three examples of the sharia in action…and of what Almad’s goal for slam in America is…as slowly the sharia is silently creeping into our American society. But beyond these quite tame examples what really awaits us if the sharia is successful in being implemented across our nation complete with its undermining of our national identity all while claiming it’s to protect islam’s ‘sound’ religious practice, life, sanity, the family, and personal and communal wealth.

If the sharia ever became the rule of law here in the US we could see Americans stoned for adultery or having their right hand amputated for petty theft. Being caught drinking alcohol, gambling, or merely listening to music would result in flogging and caning. All women and girl children would have to be veiled and be clothed in the burqa ‘garbage bag’ as to do otherwise according to the sharia is a sign of promiscuity deserving of harsh punishment. In order for a woman to prove she was raped she would need the testimony of four adult male witnesses to the act (meaning from those who raped her) or she will be accused of adultery or fornication and be punished accordingly…as in the victim becoming the guilty.

And the sharia denigrates women to mere possessions, and allows and condones arranged marriages, forced marriages, and child marriage…which in reality is child rape. Honor killings would become the norm as any male relative believing shame is brought to the family by any female family member…whether the woman is guilty of said ‘supposed’ shame or NOT… would NOT be punished for such killing. And blasphemy of any kind against islam or the sharia would mean immediate death.

NOT quite the way we Americans live or what we Americans believe in…yet 35 countries…including some Western countries…and sadly now thanks to judges like Richard A. Nielson and cities like Dearborn we are one of those countries who have incorporated the sharia in some form into their civil, common, or customary law. And while muslim leaders here in America love to claim that the sharia is compliant with American law…is compliant with our Constitution…it is anything but for when religious laws conflict with American law…as does the sharia…the ‘Free Exercise and Establishment Clauses’ of the First Amendment prohibit our government, including the courts, from substituting religious laws for civil law or following religious laws that violate our civil law, and this applies to all religions equally but most assuredly to islam.

And yet this is what Judge Richard A. Nielson did in Dearborn, Michigan, and NO one has stepped in to overturn his unconstitutional ruling.

And why should anyone do so as all the rules of American law have changed or been discarded under Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his leftist, muslim-loving cronies. Or is there a glimmer of hope in stopping the creeping sharia for currently more than two dozen state legislatures… legislatures who realize the dangers of the sharia…are currently considering or have enacted laws barring state courts from using foreign or religious laws when adjudicating criminal or civil cases. Remember, the First Amendment clearly bars government imposition of any religious law upon the public even while it protects the right of religious groups to observe their laws in matters of faith…meaning separation of Church and State must be maintained as the practice of the tenets of one’s faith…and the sharia is one of islam’s tenets… must NOT be allowed to trump our Constitution. And that goes especially for islam for the subjugating perversion known as sharia law is just the end game in the muslim quest for global jihad and NOTHING less.

Now someone in Michigan needs to wake up Judge Nielson to that fact…someone needs to wake up the officials in Maryland to that fact…and someone needs to lock Barack HUSSEIN Obama up for condoning, for sanctioning, and for even allowing the abomination known as the sharia to rear its ugly head here in America.


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