Cowering before the enemy thanks to Obama

“…al-Qaeda…a global international terrorist network…that, despite setbacks, contests for territory abroad and still poses a threat to U.S. interests both overseas and at home.” -Thomas Joscely, Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

But didn’t Obama say al-Qaeda was finished and on the run…wasn’t the May 2011 take down of Osama bin Laden, followed by the elimination of other al-Qaeda leaders the end of al-Qaeda…Obama told us it was…he told us they were NO longer a threat…but…but why would our president lie to ‘We the People’…I think we all know the answer to that one.

And now our president (gag) is showing weakness to and fear of al-Qaeda as he dishonors our country yet again by having our embassies in certain Middle East and North African countries (countries…more like cesspools) shut down due to an ‘unspecified’ internet threat made against American interests by the very ones he said were finished and on the run.Shut down and hide…America NEVER hid from threats before Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president… America always stood her ground and fought back against those who threatened her…but it seems now America has been forced to cower in fear before an enemy on whose side our president aligns himself with.So this upcoming Sunday…and in some cases in the days before and in some cases continuing in the days after…21 American embassies and consulates in 18 countries (Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen), will be shut down.Shut down as the State Department claims they’re taking this action out of an “abundance of caution” and because said threat was NOT made against a specific target, therefore to be safe a “broad and general alert” needed to be issued…an alert that including adding in a worldwide travel alert to all Americans effective through the end of August…just for good measure (this actually means NOTHING as Americans have been told to be on alert since 9/11).

And as true as all that might be, and as much as we all want our embassy personnel to be safe, what the State Department is NOT telling ‘We the People’ is that this precaution, while a good thing as far as it goes (especially after Benghazi), is NOT the entire truth for these embassies…symbolic targets for attacks against America…are really being shut down because of a lack of protection against attacks NO matter what this administration says to the contrary.

Remember, under the Obama administration our defense budget is being cut while monies for freebies and hand-outs are being increased. And while the House Foreign Affairs Committee did pass a bill this past Thursday offering $4.83 billion for additional embassy security, that’s just NOT enough considering we have 294 embassies and consulates worldwide…and in today’s day and age of the muslim terrorist, they all need additional protection.

Also, shutting down our embassies because of ‘unspecified’ bloviations by the enemy and then telling the enemy what we’re doing and on what day we’re doing it (this way they can plan and either attack before or after the announced shut down) is paramount to ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ in my book.

And by announcing our plans instead of just quietly doing what needs to be done is just like when this miserable excuse of a president announced to the enemy our timetable for withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. Announced it so the enemy could plan accordingly…just as they are doing now.

And the truth remains that all this shutting down is because our embassies and their personnel remain unprotected and are so NOT safe. But here’s a solution…one I’m sure Obama would find unacceptable but perhaps our military wouldn’t…and that is to take our remaining troops in the area…roughly 60,000 of them…and have them redeploy to guard our embassies…guard them but with orders to ‘shoot to kill’ anyone acting suspiciously or approaching when they shouldn’t be.

And collateral damage be damned for just seeing well-armed American troops guarding our embassies (NO more muslims guards…ever) armed with real bullets and NOT with ‘Hillary approved’ rubber bullets…troops who are NOT afraid to do what they were trained to do…just might send a message to the enemy that America won’t take this garbage from these muslim (yeah I said muslim) terrorists anymore.

And if those said country’s governments along with their radical America-hating mullahs don’t like this then NOT one cent in aid…humanitarian or otherwise…will be give to their country …NOT one bloody cent, period.

It’s time we stand strong and show these bast*rds who the boss is, and shutting down our embassies in fear is just NOT the way to do it, but then again when America’s enemies are Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s allies and friends it sadly seems our backs are to the wall.


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