COVID TWILIGHT ZONE: Woman Tells About Being A “Medical Prisoner” At Lahey Hospital And Medical Center In Massachusetts Last Year

(Natural News) When 79-year-old Janet Aldrich got sick with pneumonia last year and ended up at the hospital, little did she know that the facility’s covid protocols would just about kill her.

Aldrich ended up at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Mass., where she was diagnosed with double pneumonia. This occurred on Sept. 4, 2021, a day that Aldrich now describes as the time when she entered “the medical twilight zone.”

A former health worker herself, Aldrich knew enough about the standard American covid protocol to request that “covid-19” not be written down in her medical records. Unfortunately, the doctor she spoke with did it anyway, stating that “they write everyone on this floor as covid.”

This is when the nightmare really began. Aldrich proceeded to request alternative remedies, only to be denied. She was also refused access to her son and sister, with medical workers informing her that she would be dead within 12 hours.

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“I was in prison without my family, alone, not being able to have them visit,” Aldrich recalled during a recent speech about the horrors she endured at Lahey Hospital.

At one point, Aldrich’s family was accused of negligence for that coming-in-12-hours death that, thanks to Aldrich’s fight, never actually happened. She did, however, lose a bunch of hair after nurses carelessly ripped her out of her bed while her hair was caught on something.

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During her time at Lahey Hospital, which lasted nine days, she barely slept. Medical workers woke her up every two hours throughout the night and she was “punctured for labs night and day.”

Aldrich was deprived of fluids, including even a basic IV drip, resulting in serious dehydration that left her feet puffy and white, and her skin hanging.

“Even the food was sent just as blood labs would come in,” she said about her horrific experience at the facility.

“I suffered nine nights of hell in their hands. I was subjected to unheated, cold, pure oxygen pumped into my skull for five hours after repeated denied requests to the nurse’s station for Ibuprofen for the pain. I had to fight for that as well.”

On several occasions, Aldrich was pressed by Lahey Hospital to sign a DNR and agree to ventilation and remdesivir, which she refused. Had she accepted those things, she would probably now be dead.

“I simply knew the game,” she says about the hospital’s provocation strategies.

By the time she was able to escape Lahey Hospital, Aldrich had lost 35 pounds. It was her son who helped successfully get her out of there, but not before she missed several important Jewish holidays.

“I was tortured for 12 hours in Lahey Clinic, Burlington during the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I was in there for my Days of Awe.”

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) also played a critical role in getting Aldrich out of Lahey Hospital. Jessica Abu-Hijleh, the medical director of the AFLDS Citizen Corps, led a campaign that bombarded the hospital with calls and emails, as well as a protest outside the facility.

Once news got out that Lahey Hospital committed medical kidnapping, the facility finally agreed to let her out. Before that, she was held as a prisoner, just like many others who, sadly, were not able to escape.

Abu-Hiljeh reportedly went to court twice, arguing on behalf of Aldrich using Right to Try, a law passed during the Trump administration that authorizes the use of unapproved medical products for patients diagnosed with terminal illness.

Aldrich was eventually released under hospice, though she still required significant medical care, to which AFLDS came to her aid with a volunteer medical team.

The latest news about covid plandemic and medical abuse can be found at MedicalFascism.news.

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