Court Rules Sandy Hook Families Can Sue Remington

Judge Barbara Bellis of Connecticut’s Superior Court ruled yesterday that the lawsuit against Remington by 26 families who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 can go forward, in spite of the PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act).

The lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that Remington should never have sold or marketed it for civilians. They say that civilians aren’t capable of doing anything but mass shootings with the platform. Lawyers for the families said that the PLCAA has a section that makes gun  manufacturers liable if they know that their weapons are or likely to be used to harm others.

“The AR-15 was designed as a military weapon. Born out of the exigencies of combat, the AR-15 was engineered to deliver maximum carnage with extreme efficiency… 

The AR-15 proved to be very good at its job. It has endured as the US Army’s standard-issue rifle and has more recently become a valuable law enforcement weapon…

But there is one civilian activity in which the AR-15 reigns supreme: mass shootings…

Time and time again, mentally unstable individuals and criminals have acquired an AR-15 with ease and they have unleashed the rifle’s lethal power onto our streets, our malls, our places of worship and our schools.”

sandy hook

Stolen Guns

So how is any gun manufacturer supposed to actually KNOW the intent of the buyer? They can’t. No one can. Adam Lanza stole guns purchased legally by his mother, Nancy Lanza. He killed his mother as she slept on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings.

The plaintiff theory is that Remington should have known that the weapon was destructive and could have been used to kill, and therefore Nancy Lanza should not have been allowed to purchase the Remington Bushmaster XM15-E2S in the first place.

Lanza killed his mother with a .22 caliber Savage Mark II rifle. Lanza killed himself with a  Glock 20 in 10 mm. He also had stolen a Sig Sauer P226 in 9mm, and an Izmash Saiga-12, a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, neither of which were fired.

Suing the gun manufacturers is a backdoor method for liberals to attempt to destroy them. Once again, an activist judge destroys the law. All parties are due back in court on the 19th for “updates.”

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