It Couldn’t Happen To a Nicer Guy: Hillary Throws Colin Powell Under the Bus

Colin Powell and his BFF Barry (Photo: Pinterest).
Colin Powell and his BFF Barry (Photo: Pinterest).

As the old saying goes; if you lay with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get infested with fleas. Obviously, retired Army General, former Secretary of State, and alleged Republican Colin Powell didn’t get that particular memo.

As the good folks at CNN are covering, the former SecState is pushing back hard against Clinton’s accusation that it was he who gave her the green light to set up a private email server.

Or as CNN is reporting;

Colin Powell is pushing back on reports suggesting that he might have given Hillary Clinton the idea to use a private email account as Secretary of State, telling media outlets that “her people are trying to pin it on me.”

Powell made the comments at an event Saturday in East Hampton, New York on Saturday night, according to People magazine and the New York Post. He was responding to a New York Times report that revealed Clinton had told FBI investigators that Powell was the inspiration for her email set-up.
The former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush suggested that Clinton was using private email long before he communicated with her about the subject.
“The truth is, she was using (the private email server) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did,” Powell said.


But since the 2008 presidential election, the General has made a point of not only hobnobbing with members of the Jackass Party, he also made a very public jumping of the Republican ship. As CBS noted during the 2012 presidential cycle, Powell made a point of jumping on the Obama Bandwagon.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell broke with the Republican party during the 2008 election, to endorse then-candidate Barack Obama for president, calling Obama a “transformational figure.”

With 12 days to go before the presidential election, Powell publicly endorsed President Obama for re-election on “CBS This Morning” Thursday

“I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012 and I’ll be voting for he and for Vice President Joe Biden next month.”


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