Constitutional Rights Disappear In The Name Of a Virus – Even Before COVID-19

Riverside County, California – Kerri Elaine is a former police officer with 4 children. Her husband works several hours away from the home. He is a police officer who also served in a specialized unit of the US Coast Guard for two tours of duty. But Kerri and her husband have watched their Constitutional rights disappear, their children traumatized, their property destroyed, and their neighbors attacked…all in the name of a virus. And it came about long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Will any of this sound familiar?

“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly a right to liberty; thirdly to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can.” Samuel Adams 1722-1802


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Constitutional Rights disappear in the name of a virus

Kerri’s husband served honorably in the US Coast Guard, came home, put on a badge to serve the people once again, only to see an injustice perpetrated against his own family and others in Riverside County.

Property Rights:

The virus called Virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) is a bird/poultry disease. California Department of Food and Agriculture ruled it so dangerous that they put out a kill order for any flock of birds that had the disease. But the kill order has been enforced across the board, even for healthy flocks.




In February 2020, the CDFA said this about the virus:

Virulent Newcastle Disease eradication efforts are on-going in Southern California and the Regional Quarantine in Southern California is still in effect. Virulent Newcastle Disease is a fast-spreading virus that affects the respiratory, nervous and digestive system of numerous bird species, but most severely in poultry. Since May 2018, over 1.2 million birds have died or been euthanized because of this devastating virus. Over the past month, three cases have been confirmed in San Bernardino County.

Teams continue to test poultry in areas previously known to have infected birds in order to find any remaining pockets of disease. Now is a crucial time for adherence to biosecurity as we move closer to eradication. Until vND is eradicated, Southern California is at risk.

The teams are eradicating the flocks, even after owners have offered birds for them to test and the tests came back negative. Healthy flocks were eradicated with no recompense to the owners. The right to own property has been seriously abridged.

The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

The state posted “kill orders” on the doors of the people in Riverside County. When a US Marine veteran’s flock of chickens was threatened with total annihilation, he was devastated. He wasn’t alone, an elderly woman’s healthy flock was also threatened. In documented instances on YouTube, the CDFA and CHP conducted illegal and egregious kills. In one instance, after destroying numerous pets of an elderly couple, they left and claimed they were at the wrong house. (Videos at the links).

Eight registered therapy birds belonging to a mentally challenged boy were killed,  which caused immeasurable trauma, and no mental counselling was offered to him.

Kerri’s 4 children were traumatized as they were forced to watch a team of men walk onto her property and proceed to kill their healthy flock of pet chickens and a pet turkey. All over a virus.

It wasn’t kill by a humane method…they stepped on their necks, shot them with guns, it was as if the men were enjoyed killing the animals. They did not use proper humane methods that are supposedly required by the state. All while the children and Kerri screamed at the carnage. Kerri is livid, and should be.

All 4 of their children were so traumatized that it will take a very long time to recover from the sight. Like a horror movie in real life, the pets that this family had tenderly and carefully reared from chicks for their 4-H projects were destroyed. The children’s grades fell to flunking in a matter of days. One of them began hiding in the bathroom and crying for hours on end. Counselling for the children was not offered by the state, so the family had to pay out of their own pockets…on the one family paycheck. It was not effective. The children still struggle with the memories.

One family with minor children was subjected to the loss of their ducks.

“The CDFA & CHP showed up at their home. No translator was present. The worker used his hand to replicate a gun. SOB (Save Our Birds) members arrived with a translator. The agents bullied their way into the secured back yard to test the birds prior to our arrival. Minor children watched. Untrained workers stepped on 2 baby ducks. 1 died instantly, I arrived to get the baby duck and take it to a vet. Thru the translator the owner was told if the duck was taken off the property he would be fined or arrested. So he wouldn’t let me  take it. The family tried to care for it, it died 2 days later. Workers claimed human error. Animal care workers take an oath to animals. Who in that line of work would ever leave an injured animal with a family that has no vet training or funds to seek a at home vet visit.” Kerri

WARNING: The next three videos are tough to watch for some of us.

The right to due process

Due process is a Constitutional term that involves having legal channels and probable cause before anything happens to us. A warrant, for example can be part of “due process,” but it must have certain criteria to be legal. It must have the name of the property owner, the specific location of the property, and description of the specific property involved.

“This is the open ended 10 month long warrant, no name, no address, no property description. If the owner is home they will hand you this. If no one is home, they will cut locks and go in. They will leave this on the door.” Kerri

Is this warrant even legal? No one would tell her.




“The first warrant did have my name & address, wrong property description. As agents were trying to serve this, I begged the Riverside sheriff deputies to allow me to exercise my rights and ex parte the warrant. Agents refused and told me I was committing many crimes. I asked what crime, no one would tell me. As the killing started deputies tried to make me go in the house and demanded the carpool people leave.

However their cars were blocked in, they were not free to leave. I refused to go in my house, no where did it say I had to go in my house.

The “bulk” administrative warrant was used for raids 2, 3, 4. The bulk warrant was also used for many other families. Upon me challenging this warrant in court, CDFA cancelled it the day prior & ordered the record to be sealed. Court refused to answer if the warrant was ever valid. Open ended 10 month long, no names, property address, or property description.

Raid 4 I am issued 2 citations over 800.00 for violating a quarantine. I asked what I violated, I did not have birds. CHP Lt King demanded I sign tickets or I will be arrested.” Kerri


The following search warrant had a box checked that claimed that Kerri intended to use the flock to commit a public offense.

Kerri offered three of her birds for the state to test, two chickens and a turkey. The tests came back negative for any disease.


“From bird groupings, to testing, to disposal an array of federal statues and constitutional rights are NOT being followed.
To this day, the state has NOT provided 1 person with a written conclusive test result of anything. There are no mass numbers of birds dying. Zero transparency.” Kerri

Raided even after her birds had been destroyed? Over a virus? She told us there have even been helicopters hovering over her house, which served to cement the idea that she must be some sort of danger to the community.

“They could have been just random thugs. We had no idea who they were.”

According to the 5th Amendment, “just compensation” is required when someone is deprived of their property. But how do you give “just compensation” for killing people’s pets?

The right to redress of grievances

Kerri has since worked hard to take on the powers that started this travesty. In the name of a virus called vND, the state of California has gone on a power trip that traumatizes and destroys the property of numerous citizens. She talked to her Sheriff, who is supposed to be the “line of defense” against unconstitutional orders. He did nothing.

She called the CHP (California Highway Patrol) where her father was employed for 29 years, who also put her off.

She received a phone call from an anonymous person who told her, “It will get worse.”

Someone accused her of “being crazy” and even said she was a terrorist with “weapons of mass destruction.” They called her husband’s workplace with such accusations, which is harassment.

Because Kerri spoke up and is attempting to fight back, her reputation has been destroyed along with her property and the health of her children. She told us that their house is now labelled as the “murderer drug house” in the neighborhood. Other children can’t come over to visit because they never know when an “army” might show up to her property.

She has spoken to the FBI, but the lady she spoke with was hit by a car. She’s filed a tort claim, along with her videos.

The impact of this situation strongly reminds us that in the name of a virus, our Constitutional rights can…and will disappear. We’ve just lived in it with COVID-19.  You’re not allowed to question what’s happening or you will be attacked.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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