Conservative Firing Line contributors to address South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention

On Saturday, January 20, the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition will hold its 6th Anniversary Convention at the Crown Reef Convention Center and Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The convention will include a wide variety of well-known conservative speakers, including retired Army Major General Paul E. Vallely, retired Marine LtCol Bill Cowan, Evan Sayet, Tom Fitton and Trevor Loudon.  Additionally, two contributors to the Conservative Firing Line will address the convention — talk show host Josh Bernstein and Bill Finlay, known on YouTube as “Wild Bill for America.”

“Never before in our history has an event like the South Carolina Tea Party Convention been more necessary and vital to overall political discourse of our Nation. Globalism, Technocracy, and Cultural Marxism are decimating our Republic and crippling our freedoms. But we are fighting back,” Bernstein said, according to an online flyer posted by the coalition.

Bernstein further said he intends “to share my strategy to take back America with all that will be attending and watching across the country.

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to stand up for freedom, free speech, and patriotism in South Carolina,” the Arizona-based talker said.

Finlay added:

“Today, in the USA, we are seeing a major breakdown in law and order. It began eight years ago with the Obama administration refusing to enforce laws that protect our national security. Today, it has devolved to the point where masked thugs are attacking patriotic Americans while police do nothing. Thank God above that we now have a president who believes in diligently enforcing all laws, regardless of politics.”

“If you care about the USA, then tune in to this event, or better yet, come join us!” He added.

Politichicks’ Sonya Sasser will also address the event, and said the conference will highlight President Donald Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter,” and will also include:

  • 2018 Election kickoff – building on the 2016 People’s victory and solidifying the movement going forward.
  • Exposing the truth behind the Media, Establishment, Democrat & Marxist War Against President Trump.
  • Enforcing Constitutional Law & Order Regarding National Security, Antifa & Civilization Jihad.
  • Monday January 22, 2018- South Carolina Gubernatorial Debate- all GOP candidates invited.
  • 2018 Statewide Election – Candidates & Issues.
  • Other critical items uppermost on the minds of SC voters including legislative reform, EMP in SC.
  • Right to Life, American law in SC courts, Article V Constitutional Convention.
  • Types of Primaries in SC, illegal immigration & refugee transparency, nuclear power scandal, SC fiscal responsibility and the recent gas tax hike.

Over 23 conservative experts are set to address the convention.

“I think this convention is going to be the best convention yet. We have such fabulous speakers that know the truth behind what’s going on in our country and are willing to share that information with the American people. This is a great service that we perform once a year. We don’t take donations during the year, we don’t have any financing during the year. So, it’s a once a year thing that we put on and live-stream across the world,” Joe Dugan, Founder and Producer of the SCTPC Convention, told PolitiChicks.

“There are so many things that are happening, lies, deceit and deception, and the news media is horrific. Congress itself keeps things hidden from us. It also really upsets me to see what’s really going on in the schools and how they give kids participation trophies. To me, that destroys the incentive for young children to excel. If we give them equal recognition just for participating, then what is the incentive to excel and really beat the person across the finish line?” he added.

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Those who wish to register for the convention can go here.


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