Connecticut Carry defies lawmakers, to ‘either enforce or repeal’ gun ban

roflbotA pro-Second Amendment group has upped the ante in the gun revolt currently going on in Conn.

The group Connecticut Carry has defied lawmakers and challenged them to “either enforce or repeal the 2013 anti-gun laws.

The group issued what can be called a “Molon Labe,” edict (which is Latin for come and take them) in their press release on March 3 saying: “It’s time for the State [sic] to enforce the tyranny they passed or repeal it entirely.” The draconian gun-laws were passed in April 2013 which outlaws “high-capacity” magazines and assault rifles.

The following is an excerpt from the press release:

There is nothing that will so completely destroy faith in those edicts faster than the State-provoked chaos and violence that will be required to enforce the 2013 anti-gun laws.

Connecticut residents should not have to live in perpetual fear of “the jack boot” coming down on them. Unenforced, [sic] frequently repeated threats fall on deaf ears.

By passing laws that they cannot or choose not to enforce, State officials tell the public that this State is ignorant, immoral, blind, and impotent in its legal and decision making processes. The passage of such foolishly conceived, insufferable laws is an affront to every law-abiding citizen.

Every official who supports such legal foolishness mocks our State and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

With one stroke of his pen the governor of Conn. turned hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals. Reportedly it’s now a Class C felony to own the banned firearms and magazines in the state of Conn.

According to Criminal Defense Class C felonies are punishable by one to ten years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 (Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 53a-35a, 53a-41).

The Examiner reports that: “The state of Conn. estimates over 350,000 “assault weapons” belonging to as many as 100,000 gun owners remain unregistered. The government says gun owners can destroy, sell or relinquish the recently banned firearms and magazines.”

More at concerning Conn. gun owners told ‘destroy, sell or relinquish’ banned firearms, magazines.

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