In Connecticut, the calm before the storm?

Guns like this are banned in Connecticut, setting the stage for a legal and political confrontation.

“Constitution State” gun owners are about to “ramp up the pressure” on state lawmakers over Connecticut’s new and hotly-contested gun control law that has, critics argue, made “paper criminals” out of tens of thousands of citizens.

Connecticut Carry has posted a ready-to-cut-and-paste list of legislative e-mail addresses that will allow gun owners to express their anger over the new law that bans so-called “assault rifles” and makes criminals out of people who did not register their firearms by the January deadline.

Currently, according to Rich Burgess, president of Connecticut Carry, “things are quiet.” This could be the calm before the storm.

There could be a crisis looming over the Connecticut law, and a serious constitutional challenge to bans on semi-auto rifles. At some point, the Supreme Court will have to weigh in, because their own language in Heller refers to guns in “common use” being protected by the Second Amendment. The semi-auto sport-utility rifle is the most popular rifle in America and has been for several years. They are in common use all over the landscape.

Legal action is already in progress, with one federal district judge ruling that the ban is legal because the state government has an interest in reducing violent crime. The law was adopted in reaction to the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn.

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