Congress taking break with no action on guns, Dems hint at trouble

A Democrat congressman from New York is hinting at a “hot summer” of volatility because it appears Congress will recess for the next two months without passing more gun control legislation.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) stating, “This could very well be a very hot summer—we don’t know what ramifications will come.”

According to the WSJ, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) “told Republicans at a closed-door GOP conference meeting on Tuesday that a package that includes a gun-control measure wouldn’t get a vote this week.” Congress will recess Friday for the annual summer break.

Congressman Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican, explained taking the break without a gun control vote to a reporter: “The thought was it would be—not intentionally—but perhaps inflammatory really at a pretty difficult time for the country. We want to talk about solutions without trying to make things worse, and this was probably kind of a step backwards.”

That may not be good enough for Democrats who see gun control as a major plank in their platform. They want to make it appear to their liberal voter base that they are “doing something” about “gun violence” without acknowledging what the WSJ said about their legislative efforts so far.

“Republicans, in an unusual alliance with the American Civil Liberties Union, worry that any efforts to block the sale of guns to people on government watch lists risks denying Americans their due-process rights because of errors in government record keeping,” the newspaper explained.

Democrats who staged a temper tantrum sit-in on the House floor last month have been silent on this important point.

But Crowley’s disingenuousness continued when he remarked, “What we do know is that there will be more people killed by guns and by people who ought not to have those weapons because a thorough background check was not in place.”

Crowley and his fellow Democrats repeatedly ignore the fact that felons don’t get their guns by visiting a local sporting goods store or gun shop where background checks are required for honest citizens. Instead, thugs and other criminals get their guns the way a quartet of Louisiana suspects allegedly got theirs last Saturday morning: By stealing them.

According to the Fox News report about that crime, there’s a sinister part of that story that is just now beginning to raise alarms. The suspects allegedly stole eight handguns from a pawn shop in Baton Rouge for people who would have targeted police officers. Fortunately, police have already arrested three of the suspects and are looking for the fourth.


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