Congress Shuts Down Merrick Garland’s Executive Privilege Claim In Words So Simple BIDEN Could Understand Them (VIDEO)

The DOJ is fighting tooth and nail to keep the Impeachment Committee from getting these tapes...

After more than four years of running roughshod over EVERY limitation on their powers to limit their access to privileged material, Democrats have the audacity to try THIS defense?

Congressman Bishop just obliterated any excuse Merrick Garland tried to hide behind in claiming ‘Executive Privilege’ shields him from the Contempt of Congress charges he is now facing for withholding the tapes from Biden’s interview with Special Prosecutor Robert Hur.

In the past two weeks, one Trump insider has been ordered by the courts to begin his jail term for Contempt of Congress — despite a pending appeal — and Biden’s DOJ is fighting like Hell to compel another to do the same.

Both of those men had several legitimate Constitutional objections to the demands the J6 Committee made to compel them to speak… ranging from whether a committee that was not properly constituted could have legitimacy to compel obedience to whether an advisor to the President had any lawful authority to divulge private conversations that would be covered by Executive Privilege.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

But this is the same Biden government that has taken personal financial information of citizens from banks without subpoenas, seized the phones of journalists because they had a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary, identified concerned parents demanding accountability from their school boards as ‘terrorists’ and seizing the phone of a sitting member of Congress.

We’re not expecting these people to play by the rules. In fact, on those occasions where we find they appear to have played by the rules, it almost makes us more suspicious that there’s something else going on we haven’t noticed yet.

Back to the investigations. Under Nancy Pelosi’s gavel, Congress — and specifically the J6 Committee — used the cloak of ‘legislative purposes’ to dig into nooks and crannies of life that even law enforcement are specifically forbidden to pierce under safeguards protecting us from unlawful search and seizure.

They took the information about personal lives and communications that law enforcement was forbidden to access — and presented it to hostile government entities within law enforcement.

Now that the lawfully-comprised impeachment investigation is underway into the behavior of President Biden, there is a suspicion that Joe Biden and (or?) his DOJ have been obstructing a lawful Congressional investigation into potential wrongdoing.

In Joe’s own ‘Documents Case’ where clear breaches of the law are NOT in doubt, the investigator affirmed that despite violations of the law, he would NOT be pressing charges. That’s because Joe Biden would be perceived as some kind of a forgetful, elderly man.

That leaves us with two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1

Robert Hur was looking for an excuse — any excuse — to help Joe Biden duck politically embarrassing criminal charges that were even more damning than the ones he was trying to use in the political takedown of Donald J Trump… and Joe Biden is NOT the doddering old man Hur makes him out to be.

Scenario 2

Robert Hur was giving a true and fair characterization of his interactions with the 46th President of the United States of America, and he really IS a doddering old man whose doctor would not trust him with the keys to an automobile, let alone the Oval Office and the nuclear codes.

If THAT is the case, we are finding ourselves in 25th Amendment territory and the public has a right to know that BEFORE the election in November — preferably even before his party’s official convention.

What Merrick Garland is TRYING to do here is claim that the tapes of his interview are somehow protected by Executive Privilege.

That makes NO sense. Executive Privilege protects the secrecy of the content, and we already have transcripts of that content — unless they’ve been doctored. What the American Public deserves to know is whether the situation we are looking at resembles Scenario One, or Scenario Two.

Each requires a Congressional remedy, but those remedies are NOT the same.

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