Condi Rice Shreds Kamala Harris’ False Claim That Kavanaugh Won’t Treat All Americans Equally

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice countered Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) assertions that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be unable or unwilling to uphold the law equally for all Americans.

Harris reprehensible assertions seem to center around the argument that any judge nominated by a President would, therefore, be beholden to that President.

“I am concerned your loyalty would be to the president who appointed you and not to the Constitution of the United States,” Harris alleged. “I believe the American people have a right to have these concerns.”

An unwarranted concern. If you feel Kavanaugh is unable to distinguish between impartiality to the law and some sort of perceived loyalty to the President, then no judge could ever pass that test. They’re all nominated.

Were Democrats equally concerned about partisanship when Barack Obama nominated Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan? Was loyalty to President a concern when Bill Clinton nominated Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Of course not, their hatred for Donald Trump though, has seeped into the nomination process of impartial judges.

Rice, who spoke on Kavanaugh’s behalf, laid waste to Harris’ ‘concerns,’ pointing out that adherence to the Constitution is what motivates this nominee, and remaining loyal to the country’s founding document isn’t a political stance.

“He will be an outstanding Supreme Court justice,” Rice declared. “His intellect is unquestioned. His judgment is highly regarded, and I can personally attest to his character and integrity as a colleague.”

“Brett Kavanaugh will thoroughly and faithfully uphold the trust that is our heritage, the Constitution of the United States of America,” she added.

During her opening statements, Harris also suggested that the Supreme Court has a duty to seek justice on the behalf of illegal immigrants, as well as questioning whether or not Kavanaugh has the capacity to avoid racism and bigotry in his decisionmaking.

“Justice wears a blindfold because we have said in the United States of America, under our judicial system, justice should be blind to a person’s status,” she said.

“Justice should be blind to how much money someone has, to what you look like or who you love, to who your parents are and the language they speak.”

Harris added that she is “concerned whether (Kavanaugh) would treat every American equally.”

Rice slapped that ridiculous assertion away as well, reliving her childhood growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

“As a little girl born in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, who grew up to be secretary of state, I know personally our country’s long journey to guarantee equal rights,” Rice countered. “I know the power of the Constitution, and I know the gift of our democracy.”

“The Supreme Court is a crucial guardian both of our Constitution and of our democracy,” she continued. “That is why I am so honored to introduce Brett Kavanaugh for these hearings.”

Isn’t that the crux of the problem here? It’s not a concern of whether or not Kavanaugh would hold racist or bigoted views or whether he would uphold the Constitution – he will. It’s that Democrats like Harris actually believe the Constitution itself holds racist and bigoted views.

In previous interviews, Rice voiced her support for the Constitution and the Second Amendment, saying it actually helped combat racism for her family, sharing a story in which her father and their neighbors used guns as a means to protect their community from Klan racists.

The Constitution and its amendments combat injustice. A judge adhering to the Constitution would combat injustice. Kavanaugh, through the Constitution, will combat injustice.

Harris has already voiced her opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination, making her comments nothing more than political grandstanding. Still, it’s nice to see Rice slap back on these clear falsehoods.

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