Concealed Carrier Shoots Robber in Chicago, but liberals say gun owners don’t prevent crime

 Remember the liberals-against-having-brains belief that people who have guns can’t prevent crimes?  In Chicago on Saturday night, an armed robber in Chicago is dead after a  patron with a concealed carry permit killed him. Wait, let me re-write that:

A crazed gun-toting patron attacked and killed a totally sweet guy who was just trying to get some extra money from the clerk for his kid’s Halloween celebration.

Sure. Remember that one of the many liberal lines of misinformation says things like “guns can’t prevent crime.” Uh,huh. Tell that to the two clerks in this incident.

Armed robbery thwarted

The armed robber, identified as Reginald Gildersleeve, 55, walked into the store at around 7 p.m. in the Gage Park neighborhood on Chicago’s southwest side. He announced a robbery and displayed his gun to the clerk.  As another employee came from the back, the man pointed his gun at her and forced her to the back of the store. That part of the store also happens to serve as a currency exchange.


A patron that had been inside the store and viewed what was going on, pulled his weapon and shot the robber, killing him. Crime prevented. Take that, anti-gunners. But I’m sure they’ll come up with some blithering lie to cover this up like they have in the past.

Gildersleeve was pronounced dead at 7:10 p.m. on the day of the robbery. That’s fast crime prevention right there.

Screenshot of incident in Chicago

A legal gun owner stops a bad guy

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office was slated to perform an autopsy on Sunday.

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Gildersleeve reportedly had an extensive criminal record, including prior arrests for robbery. Imagine that.

The man who killed the robber is a legal concealed carry license holder, and even had a valid “firearm owner identification card.” (One of those illegal Illinois firearms rules. The FOID is issued by the Illinois State Police.)  The CCW holder prevented a robbery in which two clerks could have been easily killed.

Police have stated that the prosecutor will review the case to see if charges will be filed against the gun owner. At this point, however, law enforcement is saying it “appears to be self-defense.”

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