COMPLY OR ELSE: Grandmother Gets Six Months In Jail For Mask Non-Compliance

This is what passes for keeping the world safe these days.

For almost 2 years now, masks have been ubiquitous and — in many places — mandatory. Combine that with vaccine passports that are required to even enter some buildings, and you should expect we’ve got this thing nearly licked.

Strangely, we have not.

As our experts are much better at brute arrogance than they are at learning from their mistakes, they have taken to doubling down on their jack-booted tendencies.

When told she needed to leave a restaurant or wear a mask, she refused to do either. Instead, she told them to call the police. Call them they did, and she was arrested.

An Irish grandmother will spend Christmas in jail after she was handed a six-month sentence for refusing to wear a mask at a restaurant in Bandon, County Cork in the south west of the country.

Margaret Buttimer, 66, had been convicted of violating mask mandates on seven other occasions since the outbreak of COVID-19, telling one store owner that she was “only answerable to God” for her decision not to wear the face-covering.

Judge James McNulty accused Buttimer of “willful disregard for others” and “absurd selfishness” at Bandon District Court on December 16, despite countless experts and studies confirming the ineffectiveness of most masks. —Lifesite

As it turns out, Buttimer is something of a badass who has, as the saying goes, zero ‘effs’ to give over this Covid insanity. This was her about 6 months ago.

“I just think I should have the right [not to wear a mask]. I am aware [it is against the law].”

Judge Roberts said he had heard Buttimer wore a seat belt while out driving for her protection and that of the public. He suggested to her that wearing a mask involved the same type of action. He asked Buttimer why her beliefs took supremacy over the welfare of others. Buttimer replied she wasn’t sure if wearing a mask protected her from the virus. —IrishExamimer

The judge accused her of ‘willful disregard for others’.

Willful disregard for others presupposes that the mask actually improves the safety profile of the other party. Nearly two years after the slow the curve announcement, where masks have literally become mandatory, we still see the virus tearing through communities whether the various approved countermeasures are used or not.

Do you know who can’t be pushed around? Someone who’s made up their mind that anything that can be taken from them is an acceptable loss. THOSE people are a force to be reckoned with.

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