Community rallies around teacher intimidated by CAIR

Community rallies around teacher intimidated by CAIR
Community rallies around teacher intimidated by CAIR

The community of Concrete, Washington rallied around Mary Janda, a veteran teacher of 21 years at the Concrete Middle School in Concrete, WA, who was under attack by the radical Washington affiliate of Hamas-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), accusing her of racism against Muslims on Tuesday.

According to Jason Miller of the Concrete Harold, more than 450 people, nearly half of the total population of Concrete, filled the Concrete Assembly of God Church in support of teacher Mary Janda.

Miller said that ACT! For America Washington Director Kerry Hooks joined Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim and the founder of the Truth In Love Project spoke at the rally.

“You’re not dealing with a civil rights group. That is a front,” said Hadian. “You are dealing with a group that has billions of dollars behind them from elements that want to further Islamic law.”

Miller said that Hadian was born in Iran and is now a U.S. citizen. He said he witnessed “oppressive radical Islam” take over his country, and sees the same strategies being used by CAIR to insert its version of Islam into the public school system. “The access they’ve been given in our public schools is not being given to any other group,” he said. “They want specialized treatment for their brand of Islam.”

The planned rally was reported on March 16 by the Paulding County Republican Examiner when the announcement came from the national chapter ACT! For America in response to CAIR’s attack on Ms. Janda.

The alleged incident occurred last October but the radical Islamic group began last month calling for federal investigators to look into the Concrete School District after the allegations that the teacher, Mary Janda, made racist remarks.

At that time, CAIR accused her of racism when she said during a class discussion on bullying that terrorist organizations, Hamas and the Taliban were examples of organizations that use violence to bully people.