Communist agitators in Charlotte call for bloodshed, revolution

Communist agitators in Charlotte call for bloodshed and revolution
Screengrab: YouTube

It was only a matter of time before this happened.  On Friday, Twitchy reported that rioters from the Revolutionary Communist Party made their way to Charlotte in order to agitate for revolution and bloodshed.

Bloodshed.  Revolution.  And yet the Obama regime is doing nothing except stoking the hatred.

Twitchy noted:

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We’ve said it before, but #BlackLivesMatter is a brilliant piece of branding. If you disagree with the movement and wonder why no one ever shows up to protest the record number of gun-related homicides in Chicago, you’re taking the name too literally. And whatever you do, never declare that all lives matter — we’re talking about black lives now. And anarchists. And communists.

Everything?  Really?

One person added:

Of course, this is nothing new.  We heard these creatures in Ferguson calling for bloody communist revolution and these are the same ones who chant for dead cops.  And the regime does absolutely nothing but enable it and praise those who engage in this type of rhetoric.

Maybe one day we’ll have a president who won’t tolerate this kind of nonsense.


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