Comedian Lewis Black: ‘You’re gonna go to hell’ if you vote for Trump

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Comedian Lewis Black says people who vote for Trump are going to hell.
Lewis Black — Screengrab: MRC TV

While appearing on Wednesday night’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” alleged “comedian” Lewis Black said in no uncertain terms that those who vote for GOP nominee Donald Trump are going to hell, Newsbusters reported Thursday

“I’m saying this as a friend. If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re gonna go to hell,” he said.  “I know this, because God told me,” he added after the audience laughed.

“He calls me. He has my hotline.  And everytime he talks to Mike Huckabee, he calls me up in order to calm down,” he added.

Newsbusters added:

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(Meyers) laughed and said, “Wait, so God talks to Huckabee first, then he gets all–”(hand motions swirling in the air).

“He gets all wound up. He’s got all that kind of nonsense going on and God doesn’t have time for that!” Black joked.

The comedian has blasted Trump many times, even calling him a “third world dictator.” Black has come out in support of Bernie Sanders in the past, admitting it was because he was a socialist.

Here’s video of his comments:

It’s amazing to think that liberals — who generally eschew religion at every chance — love to browbeat Christians at every chance with statements like this.

Just to be certain, I consulted my Bible to see if there’s anything to this and found no mention of Donald Trump or voting…

Imagine that.


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