Colorado school shooting details destroy gun control myths

As more details about the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado emerge, they all point to the inescapable conclusion that gun control laws promoted in several states and at the national level would not have prevented the shooting death of Kendrick Castillo or the injuries suffered by several other students.

The shooting at STEM School Highlands Park in Colorado was another demonstration of gun control failures. (Screen snip, YouTube, CBS)

Taken one at a time, gun control myths promoted by the gun prohibition lobby as solutions to such attacks essentially offer a false sense of security.

Universal Background Checks—A non-starter because if the guns used in the attack were stolen from the parents of one of the suspects, there was no background check because the theft negated it.

Safe Storage—While there is no safe storage mandate in Colorado, the suspects allegedly “smashed into the locked gun cabinet at the home of the adult suspect’s parents Tuesday morning, stole the weapons and used them in the shooting later that day,” according to the Washington Examiner. The guns were apparently locked up, yet the teen suspects broke into the storage cabinet, thus effectively defeating such a requirement.

Gun-Free School Zone—Every school shooting in the country over the past couple of decades occurred in a “gun-free school zone.” Most mass shootings of any kind happen in so-called “gun-free” zones. People intent on inflicting mass casualties are not deterred by signs that say guns aren’t allowed.

Illegal possession of firearms—Since both suspects are under age 21, they could not legally carry concealed handguns, especially onto a school campus. That law obviously didn’t prevent this incident.

Murder and Assault—Although laws against murder and physical assault are not necessarily gun control laws, they are still statutes routinely violated by armed perpetrators. Individuals determined to cause mayhem are not deterred by laws against it.

When a Brady Campaign youth group called “Team Enough” organized a vigil to honor the wounded students and Castillo, who by all accounts lost his life heroically trying to tackle one of the suspects, it invited some politicians including U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. He quickly launched into a speech about gun control, prompting students and parents to abruptly walk out in protest. The faux pas was so deplorable that the Brady Campaign issued an apology, and it was quickly criticized by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Is it possible the gun control crusade is losing steam? Not likely, since the “mainstream media” seems loathe to acknowledging the failures of gun control on so many levels. Anti-gunners never admit that their restrictive agenda has failed. They just introduce new restrictions, to which anti-gun Democrat lawmakers flock in support.

But the evidence is clear. All of the restrictive gun control measures traditionally offered as solutions are actually part of the problem. By offering false senses of security, they are reflexively supported by liberal non-gun owners who automatically demand more gun control when the gun laws they supported turn out to be failures.


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