Colorado is Really Swinging

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Colorado is apparently seeing evidence of the 2012 election results, and they are not happy with it.  In 2012, the voters created a one party system in Colorado.  They deeply regret it now.  Whenever you give liberals the keys to the kingdom, you have to know they plan on abusing it.  The problem for the liberals is they are used to getting away with unconstitutional power grabs.  Evidently, the voters don’t intend to sit still for it.

The first strike by the liberals came in the form of draconian gun laws, that both angered hunters and munitions manufacturers, who are fleeing the state, taking their jobs with them.  This led to recall efforts against 4 state legislators.  The four are Sen Eve Hudak, Sen. Angela Giron, Rep Mike McLachlin, and Senate President, John Morse.

Morse is particularly vulnerable, as petition gatherers were able to get double the required number of signatures to begin the recall process.  In Colorado, you need 25% of the number of voters who voted in the last election in that district, meaning that a plurality of voters signed the petition against Morse.  Even more troublesome for the democrats is the bar is set so high, no state legislator has ever faced a recall election.  This year there will be four.

A second problem for the governor and the legislature is the passage of Senate Bill 252.  That bill mandates that rural areas must now get double the amount of renewable energy that will considerably raise the cost of electricity, especially troubling to farmers.  As a result, 10 rural counties are making overtures of seceding from Colorado to form their own state.  That effort gains more traction every day.

The third item is pretty much exclusive to Gov. Dingleberry Hickenlooper.  who recently stopped the execution of a man who killed four at a local Chucky Cheese.  A recent poll found that 67% disagree with his decision, while only 27% agree.  Overall in the state, nearly 75% support the death penalty.  The Batman Killer is facing the death penalty also, but that’s in doubt as Hickenlooper opposes the death penalty for anyone, regardless of the crime.

In the same poll, taken by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, found that throughout the state, the democratic party is below sea level, including solid democratic cities of Boulder and Denver, the legislator’s unfavorable rating is higher than it’s favorable rating, 45-41.  Hickenlooper only leads Tom Tancredo by one point in the same poll, indicating that 2014 just won’t be his year.

Things could get interesting real quick.

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