Colorado Dem joins electoral coup against Trump, will vote for Hillary

Democrat joins coup d'etat against Donald Trump
Polly Baca – CPR

According to an email sent Tuesday by a group known as the “Hamilton Electors,” Democrat Polly Baca, a former Colorado state Senator, has reportedly joined the coup d’etat against Donald J. Trump, the duly and legally-elected 45th President of the United States, despite the fact that Clinton won Colorado’s nine electoral votes.

“Because I love my country and am concerned about future generations, I believe it is imperative that those of us with a vote in the Electoral College exercise our moral responsibility to elect a qualified person to be President of the United States. The current candidate, Mr. Trump, has demonstrated that he is unfit to serve as President of our great nation.  As electors, we need to unite behind an alternative Hamilton Candidate for the sake of our nation,” she reportedly said, according to the press release we received.

Perhaps she’s unaware that Clinton won Colorado.

Politico added:

The underlying idea is that a mass defection of electors could provide the impetus for a wave of changes to the Electoral College.

“I do think that a byproduct would be a serious look into Electoral College reform,” said Micheal Baca, a Democratic elector from Colorado who is spearheading the anti-Trump effort, along with Washington state elector P. Bret Chiafalo.

“If it gets into the House, the controversy and the uncertainty that would immediately blow up into a political firestorm in the U.S. would cause enough people — my hope is — to look at the whole concept of the Electoral College,” said another elector involved in the anti-Trump planning, who declined to be identified.

One prominent Electoral College critic says that even if Trump wins easily on Dec. 19, a small number of Republican defections could still roil the future of the institution.

“If you could get eight or 10 Trump electors to vote for someone else … then that would probably get people’s attention,” said George Edwards III, a political science professor and Electoral College expert at Texas A&M University. “We haven’t ever had that many faithless electors in one election.”

Democratic elector Polly Baca (no relation to Micheal) said the Electoral College should be returned to its original conception — as laid out by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers — as a deliberative body able to exercise free choice while using popular votes only as a guide.

Translation: We don’t like the outcome so we want to change the rules to rig future elections.

As for Polly, we’re still trying to figure out what she hopes to accomplish, given that her state went for Clinton.  Maybe she just wants to get noticed…

As a final note, The release from Hamilton Electors did not indicate that Baca is a long-time Democrat from a state that voted for Clinton.


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