College Stops Flying American Flag Entirely

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Update: The American flag is once again flying at Hampshire College after the firestorm created by their action.

Hampshire College in Massachusetts announced they will no longer fly the American flag. They kept it at half staff (the position of  mourning) because of the election results. Then just before Veteran’s Day, someone took it down and burned it. It was replaced for Veteran’s Day, then the college president, Jonathan Lash, stated they’d not be flying it any more.

Leaving the flag at half staff after the election upset some community members. Deciding not to fly it any more at all should make their community furious. They have proven that no one in their right mind should send any students to that so-called “college.” They are the exact opposite of what a real school should be.

Campus Reform reported:

“Some months ago, the Hampshire College Board of Trustees adopted a policy of periodically flying the flag at half-staff to mourn deaths from violence around the world. Earlier this week, in the current environment of escalating hate-based violence, we made the decision to fly Hampshire’s U.S. flag at half-staff for a time while the community delved deeper into the meaning of the flag and its presence on our campus.

Lash acknowledges that their action ‘has been especially painful to our Hampshire colleagues who are veterans or families of veterans,’ adding that he hopes that dispensing with the flag will ‘enable us to instead focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.’

I ask our campus to join me in a commitment to living up to the ideals of our mission: to insist on diversity, inclusion, and equity from our leaders and in our communities; to constructively resist those who are opposing these values; and to actively and passionately work toward justice and positive change at Hampshire and in the world.”

The American flag

In other words, they are intolerant of our veterans and their families in favor wrong-headed liberal thoughts. They have no right to be called a “college” at all. It is not equal, it is deliberately exclusive of Americans who actually love our nation. They are quashing real dialogue, not encouraging it. Their “resistance” is anathema to all who hold the true values of America.

Shame on Hampshire College.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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