CNN’s Stelter ‘Pissed’ Fox News Didn’t Carry Capitol Police Officers’ Testimony. Maybe This Is Why

As the song says, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind … and by no means do you ever, EVER piss off CNN anchor Brian Stelter. The dude is an animal! At least when he’s not crawling into bed with the vapors and weeping for our “pre-pandemic lives.”

“The Stelt,” as he’s known around the studio, did a controlled burn again on Sunday, announcing in his deep, thundering baritone that he was “pissed.” And what misguided mortal had been foolish enough to rouse the beast this time? None other than the “jerks” over at Fox News. Watch. (A transcript appears after the video.)

If you want to understand the American divide, just look at the Nielsen ratings. Look at the ratings for the January 6 hearing when police officers testified about the attack and the violence. The red line is the Fox News audience. Fox News ratings fell in half. The CNN and MSNBC’s audience obviously rose because there was a big news story, a big news event, so Fox viewers turned the channel, they turned it off, they did not want to hear about the police officers being attacked, brutalized and called those words. Back with me is Jared Holt and Anne Applebaum. I’m sorry, it pisses me off, you know, to see we’re in this country where you’ve got these right-wing channels, even when they air the hearings — and by the way, One America News acted like the hearing wasn’t even happening — when Fox and Newsmax aired the hearings, viewers didn’t want to see it. So, Jared, what is that? What do you call that? Do you have a name for that?”

How dare them! What’s wrong with these wusses at Fox News? Can’t they handle the truth? The truth being that the Jan. 6 insurrection [sic] was the worst assault on American democracy and affront on our nation’s sovereignty in history. (RELATED: MSNBC: Jan. 6 far worse than 9/11: ‘Bin Laden never took over the Capitol’)

What do Rupert Murdoch and his lackeys at Fox think? That the four Capitol cops who testified before the Jan. 6 committee last week were cherry-picked by Nancy Pelosi to provide the most dramatic take on the events of that fateful day?

Meanwhile, one of The Stelt’s fellow Dems appeared on Fox (traitor!), where he delivered what could almost be taken as a rebuttal of Stelter’s complaint. He was George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, and though he submits in his analysis that “Jan. 6 was an outrage” and “a collective tragedy,” he also endeavors to lend some much-needed perspective:

We really do need a full investigation. It’s amazing how many questions haven’t been answered on both sides. I would like to know whether there was any encouragement from the White House. I’d also like to know how the security around the Capitol collapsed so quickly. This became an out-of-control riot. And instead, what we have is a committee that starts in this very partisan way, but that has been the signature, unfortunately, of Speaker Pelosi’s tenure. You know, she has really directed her efforts toward that small percentage of her own party, not to the duty to the House as a whole or to the public or country. We have unfinished business here, but this committee is not going to finish that business.

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