CNN’s Russian show-about-nothing goes to Germany

The G20 started with a large protest in Hamburg, Germany with the usual contingent of left-wing youngsters with fashionable backpacks, hoodies, shirts without collars, baseball caps and smart phones. Some protesters were waving communist flags because they’re so brave and chic.  I’d like to know what it is about capitalism they don’t like if they really do approve of communism. To me the protesters make up a healthy market of kids attire for adults and electronics. I will say though, the water cannon vehicles by the Hamburg police are super cool. When Germany had protests in the 1920s it was primarily gentlemen with jackets and ties, Fascist and Communist alike. Why can’t we go back to that? Can you look at the present bunch and say “they can win”?

On CNN, the reporter on the ground is wearing a backpack and a hard hat. From his account it’s a peaceful protest with no incidence of violence. In the meantime we see protesters being pepper-sprayed and tumbled over with water cannons but it looked so peaceful and in a lot of ways fun.

The day before, President Trump gave a press conference in Poland — where the people love him more than Obama because they’re probably racist — and was asked about Russian hacking/interference/meddling/ into “our election” by a reporter that looked angry yet heroically strident in her questioning.

This is getting tedious. Trump acknowledged that Russia did something or another but that other countries could be involved too. Takes more than one country to get beat Hillary. Trump also suggested that the intelligence community gets it wrong from time to time and cited the prelude to the Iraqi war. CNN went bonkers and it was off to the Russian races. This, no THIS, was over the top for a “sitting president,” throwing the “intelligence community under the bus” while “overseas”.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

CNN had a panel with no one I ever heard of discussing the upcoming Trump Putin meeting. We’re told that Putin is cunning, very experienced. No match for Trump. But they wonder if Trump will “press Putin” about “Russian meddling” since now there’s a possibility of other intelligence services “meddling” in “our election.” Is Trump “downplaying” their involvement? Oh yeah, good question, I see where you’re going with this.  I think Trump should do what Obama did and tell Putin, hey, do you mind knocking it off?

The next day, CNN had another panel discussing the big important meeting which has ended, and probed into the question of the most important topic ever in the history of forever and that’s Russian and meddling and Trump and Putin. Trump brought it up, I guess, and Putin denied it. That took how long, 10 minutes, 13 with translators?

To CNN, this is so significant. In the meantime in a less important footnote, a ceasefire agreement in Syria was negotiated by US, Russia and Jordan. Who cares. What happened in that meeting with Putin? Trump brought up meddling from the start. “Could that have taken Putin by surprised?” the moderator asked. I thought Trump conspired with Putin in all this? Oh, that’s no longer the case? Then what’s the point to the story, tell them not to do it again?

Russia essentially “meddled” by exposing CNN meddling in the primaries on behalf of Hillary among a lot of other rotten things. We’re not supposed to know any of this. It’s like Russia is the new Ken Starr who wouldn’t allow a Clinton be Clinton in secret. If Russia “hacked” our election it must mean they used their intelligence community to sway things Trump’s way. Now what could they use to pull off such a thing, something effective, something that will really turn this election around for Trump? Oh, look what we found, Hillary corruption. Could we please recognize this for what it really is already? No, you know what. Can we just drop it?


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