CNN’s Reza Aslan calls Trump a ‘piece of sh–‘ for correctly identifying London terror attack

On Saturday, Reza Aslan, host of CNN’s Believer TV series attacked President Trump, calling him a “piece of sh*t” for correctly identifying the London terrorist attack, reported.  Aslan’s attack was in response to a tweet in which the president stressed the need to implement his previously suggested travel ban in order to prevent terrorism in America.

Quoting this tweet, Aslan wrote:

But that’s not all.  According to Breitbart:

After NBC Nightly News refused to report on President Trump’s assertion that the London attacks were an act of Islamic Terror, Aslan quoted the tweet, calling President Trump a “man baby” and claiming that he must be “ignored in times of crisis,”

In other words, whenever there’s a Republican in office who correctly observes terrorism, he or she must be ignored.

Breitbart added:

Aslan is best known for coming under heavy criticism after eating part of a human brain while filming a segment on a Hindu sect in India as part of his TV series Believer.  The US India Political Action Committee commented on Aslan’s actions at the time saying, “With multiple reports of hate-fuelled attacks against people of Indian origin from across the US, the show characterizes Hinduism as cannibalistic, which is a bizarre way of looking at the third largest religion in the world.”

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Media analyst Mark Dice responded:

The Daily Caller noted:

Aslan generated controversy earlier this year when he ate human brain with a cannibalistic sect of hinduism on his CNN show, “Believer.”

Aslan is a staunch critic of “Islamophobia.”

“I am a liberal, progressive, secularized American Muslim,” he once wrote in an NPR column. “But when I see that bigotry against my faith — my very identity — has become so commonplace in America that it is shaping into a wedge issue for the midterm elections, I can barely control my anger.

“I can’t imagine how the next generation of American Muslim youth will react to such provocations. I pray that we never find out.”

Hmmm…  Sure sounds like it…

As we reported yesterday, the phrase “CNN is ISIS” began trending on Twitter in response to Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-like propaganda photo she tried to pass off as “comedy.”

It’s no wonder CNN is now seen as the least-trusted name in cable news…


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