CNN’s Kate Bolduan: Physical assault against Republican ‘democracy in action’

On Tuesday, CNN’s Kate Bolduan downplayed a physical assault on a Texas Republican by a Democrat, calling it “democracy in action,” the Daily Caller reported.

After playing a clip of Texas Democrat Poncho Nevarez saying, “I got in his face and I put my hands on the guy,” Bolduan described the scene as, “in some strange way, democracy in action,” the Daily Caller said.

As we reported Tuesday, the incident took place on the last day of the Texas legislative session.  After protesters took over the gallery, Republican Matt Rinaldi said he called ICE, enraging Democrats.  According to Rinaldi, one Democrat threatened to “get” him and, Rinaldi added, death threats were made against him, prompting him to warn that he would shoot in self defense.

“I was pushed, jostled and someone threatened to kill me,” he said, according to the Texas Tribune. “It was basically just bullying.”

According to the Tribune, Rinaldi was angry because House Democrats were “bragging about how great it was and they were inciting them to break the House rules and break Texas law.”

“I took issue with that,” he said.

“We jawed back and forth and one of them physically assaulted me and another threatened my life, actually,” he added.

But to Bolduan, this is “democracy in action.”

Keep in mind this is the same network that employs Kathy Griffin, who angered many with a photo of herself holding a mock-up of Donald Trump’s severed head.  As we observed earlier today, CNN helped create the environment for that photo, and Bolduan’s statement certainly doesn’t help…

It’s no wonder CNN is now seen as the least-trusted name in cable news


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