CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Rice-gate ‘another fake scandal being peddled by the right-wing media’

Chris Cuomo Susan Rice unmasking
CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo (YouTube)

On Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s New Day, propagandist Chris Cuomo declared the controversy over Susan Rice unmasking members of the Trump team is “another fake scandal being peddled by the right-wing media” and further declared there is “no evidence of any wrongdoing.”

“So President Trump wants you to believe that he is the victim of a ‘crooked scheme.’ Those are his words. And here are our words: There is no evidence of any wrongdoing,” he said.

“And, in fact, if anything the [national security adviser] asking for identities was a reflection of exactly how much traffic there was involving Trump people and foreign players. The White House blasting the press for not reporting on another fake scandal being peddled by right-wing media,” he added.

Here’s video of his insane comment:

It’s interesting to note that the talking point has evolved from “no evidence of surveillance” to “yes there was surveillance, but there was no wrong doing.”

The Hill said that Cuomo’s commentary echoes much of what has been said on the anti-Trump propaganda outlet cleverly disguised as a news network:

Lemon told his audience that his show “will not insult your intelligence” by focusing too much on the story.

“Let’s be very clear about this: There is no evidence whatsoever that the Trump team … was spied on illegally. There is no evidence that backs up the president’s original claim,” Lemon said.

“We will not insult your intelligence by pretending otherwise, nor will we aid and abet the people who are trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion.”

Lemon’s comments were largely similar to those of Sciutto, who earlier used similar language around the Rice story being “a distraction.”

“The idea that Ambassador Rice improperly sought the identities of Americans is false. There is nothing unusual about making these requests when serving as a senior national security official, whether Democrat or Republican,” said Sciutto, a former member of the Obama State Department until 2013.

It’s no wonder CNN is now viewed as the least-trusted name in cable news…


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