CNN’s April Ryan claims ‘life is in jeopardy’ after asking if Trump is going to resign

CNN propagandist April Ryan now claims that she’s receiving death threats after asking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if President Trump is resigning:

‘I’ve been getting death threats and we’ve been calling the FBI. This is real. I asked a simple question. I did not point a finger.

‘I asked a question and now my life is in jeopardy because of a question and I’m going to continue to do my job,’ Ryan told CNN on Wednesday. 

As we reported, Ryan was shredded by Sanders after asking her insane question.

“The President said yesterday he was complying, they turned over a million documents. If he was complying with the investigation why was there a search warrant?” Ryan asked.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with the President… When it comes to matters of the special counsel and dealing with the President we’ve been fully cooperative,” Sanders answered.

“With all of this turmoil, particularly this last week, has the president at any time thought about stepping down, before or now?” Ryan asked in a follow-up.

“No, and I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous question,” Sanders said, without hesitation.

Ryan has a history of asking insane questions and making outrageous claims.  For example, she actually claimed Sanders would poison her with a homemade pie.

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