CNN town hall crowd jeers idea of rape victim defending herself with a gun — Video

On Wednesday, CNN, the cable outlet seen by many as the least-trusted name in network news, held a town hall event on gun control that should have been advertised as a “60-Minute Hate,” to paraphrase George Orwell.  At one point, NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch recalled the story of a rape survivor who said she wished that she had been armed at the time of her attack.  Naturally, the crowd reacted like animals, jeering Loesch.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Loesch faced a hostile environment from the start, given the pro-gun control tenor of the audience and questioners. Asked why the NRA didn’t support raising the age to buy a semiautomatic rifle from 18 to 21, she pivoted to the story of Kimberly Corban, who was raped in her college dorm at age 20 in 2006.

“But I also think of young women, and you’ve had a previous town hall, where you spoke with a young woman named Kim Corban, who was a college student who was brutally raped in her dorm, and she was under the age of 21,” Loesch said.

Corban challenged President Barack Obama about his gun executive orders during another CNN town hall in 2016.

“And one of the things that she speaks out about loudly now is how she wished she would have had the ability to be able to have some sort—a shotgun, whatever it was, to be able to defend herself,” Loesch said, as many in the crowd jeered loudly.

“Allahpundit,” a blogger with the conservative site Hot Air, tweeted:

One person said it was probably “the fact that she was speaking” while Twitchy suggested that it was “the fact that Dana Loesch was making a great argument for the right to self-defense.”

That’s all quite possible, or it could be the result of the hatred liberals have hurled at Loesch for years, as we’ve reported here, here, and here.

Or it could be that the anti-gun leftists at the event were simply eager to prove our years-long assertion that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty rage and hate.

Or maybe the anti-gun left is perfectly fine with defenseless women getting raped.  These days, it’s really difficult to tell.

Twitter users weighed in:

It was jarring to watch, as you can see in the video below.


Good question…

Excellent point.

Here’s the video:

Keep in mind, these are the same type of people who vandalized a keyboard in Kentucky with “Kill the NRA.”  And who can ever forget Mike Dickinson, the Virginia liberal who once said he was okay with the extermination of five million NRA members?

Take note — this is the modern left, and there’s no reasoning with such people.

On a final note, we can’t help but wonder:


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