CNN rejects Trump campaign ad over accusatory ‘fake news’ graphic

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CNN rejects running Trump campaign adApparently, the cable news network, CNN, does not like being called out concerning its attacks and fake news reporting on President Trump as the network recently refused to run a Trump campaign ad laying out Trump’s first 100 days of accomplishments over a graphic calling it fake news.

Fox News Insider reported that CNN and President Trump’s reelection campaign are trading written blows over accusations of “fake news” in the campaign’s latest advertisement.

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President Trump’s New TV Ad censored by CNN: “First 100 Days” – 5/1/17

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel slammed CNN about freedom of speech.

McDaniel released a statement that said, “The network’s clearly biased decision to block President Trump’s message to the American people is incredibly troubling,” said Chairwoman McDaniel. “Freedom of speech is a hallmark of our nation’s founding, and it is concerning that CNN, who I assume to be a strong supporter of the first amendment, would stifle speech that they disagree with. CNN should allow the ad to be aired and apologize for their attempt to block the President’s message.”

In related news, CNS reported that on Tuesday, a senior political editor at NBC called out a CNN reporter for repeating Hillary Clinton’s false claim that NBC debate moderator Lester Holt did not ask about jobs.

“Come on – that was Lester Holt’s first question in the very first debate,” NBC’s Mark Murray tweeted to CNN’s Senior Reporter for Media and Politics Dylan Byers – who had tweeted that “Hillary Clinton says none of the debate moderators asked, ‘How are you going to create jobs?’”

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