CNN panelist: Talk of ‘uniqueness of American culture’ at CPAC is ‘white nationalism’ — Video

white nationalist CPAC Bannon
David Gregory — Screengrab: MRC TV

While slamming White House Political Adviser Steve Bannon’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, CNN political analyst David Gregory condemned Bannon, claiming that “the language of the uniqueness of American culture is this kind of white nationalist language to me that harkens back to the kind of language we’ve heard before.”

Newsbusters reported:

Gregory asserted that it was a question Bannon needed to answer, while he immediately tried to distance himself from his fresh smear by stating, “I don’t know him. I don’t know what’s in his heart.” But that didn’t preclude him from making some pretty heavy assumptions about Bannon’s “worldview:”

There is a worldview there that I think will trouble a lot of Trump opponents about the uniqueness of America somehow being separated from our — the history of being such a multicultural society. A welcoming society and a society that assimilates outsiders really well. Assimilates immigrants really, really well there is a comparison to the vulnerability of Europe that somehow we are the same. And I think immigrants assimilate into America both economically, socially, and culturally much better than other countries as part of the greatness of this country.

Those comments by Gregory came after a fellow panelist continued to push the tired claims that Bannon himself was a white supremacist.

Of course, because everything is Hitler and white nationalist and you’re a racistsexisthomophoberightwingfundamentalistbigot if you disagree (yes, I purposefully wrote it that way).

Here’s video, courtesy of MRC:

Newsbusters added:

The same person that has fostered, like, stoked these divisions this very extremist language when it comes to people of color, women, Jewish people, Muslims,” said Symone Sanders the former National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign, “So, I think what Steve Bannon was getting to was his nationalist populism…

I still believe that we have put white supremacy in the White House with Steve Bannon. So it looked temperate on that stage today but –,” Sanders continued before being cut off by moderator Anderson Cooper, who pressed her on the veracity of her claims of white supremacy.

“When you say, that is that based solely on the one line that Steve Bannon said in an interview about Breitbart being the platform for the alt-right,” Cooper asked, “Because I mean in terms of his actual language, is there anything you can actually point to that says he is white supremacist?”

“Alt-right is nothing but white supremacy dressed up in khakis in my opinion,” Sanders responded.

She also falsely claimed that Breitbart was Bannon’s “child” and “baby,” when, in fact, it was started by its namesake, Andrew Breitbart.  More fakery from the outlet now viewed as the least-trusted news outlet on cable.


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