‘CNN is ISIS’ trends on Twitter thanks to Trump supporters

On Saturday, the phrase “CNN is ISIS” began trending on Twitter, thanks to Trump supporters trolling various events, since alleged comedian Kathy Griffin thinks ISIS-like propaganda photos of severed heads, especially the head of Donald Trump, are somehow funny.

In response, Alex Jones’ Infowars and Mike Cernovich offered a $1,000 cash prize to anyone who flashes a “CNN is ISIS” sign with Kathy Griffin’s beheading picture on a live CNN feed.

“We are launching a new contest to stand up to the Left’s calls for violence against the president and against other Americans for simply exercising their right to promote Americana,” said a blog post announcing the contest, according to a post at the far-left Salon, which compared Jones’ tactic to the Westboro Baptist Church. “Infowars is launching a new $200,000 contest to expose CNN’s Kathy Griffin and mainstream media’s call for violence. We will expose the media’s terrorist campaign.”

“We encourage everyone to not just hold up signs to point out that CNN is ISIS and that MSM are terrorists, but to also use this campaign as an example to point out when mainstream media and entertainment writers, editors and hosts are calling for violence against Trump and against his supporters for simply only trying to make America great again,” the site said.

And the effort seems to be paying off:

The signs were also seen at the Bilderberg 2017 gathering:


And some even chanted it:


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Apparently so.

Three scoops of ice cream?  That’s certainly cause for impeachment…

One Twitter user put it all in context, saying that CNN is actually worse than ISIS:


Now that’s food for thought…

Here’s more:


What say you?  Is CNN equal to or worse than ISIS?  Let us know in the comments below.


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