CNN hack Jim Acosta yells inappropriate questions at Singapore summit — Videos

On Monday, President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un met at a historic summit in Singapore in an effort to end that nation’s nuclear efforts and help bring peace to the Korean peninsula.  Naturally, CNN propagandist Jim Acosta made a nuisance of himself, shouting inappropriate questions whenever he could.

“Mr. Kim, will you give up your nuclear weapons sir?” Acosta shouted at Kim Jong Un when the two leaders made their initial appearance with the press.

“I don’t think Kim Jong-un is used to the voice of Jim Acosta of CNN on a regular basis,” MSNBC’s Brian Williams said.

Here’s video of that:

Later, as the two signed a document marking the end of the summit, Acosta shouted a question about Otto Warmbier, the American hostage who died after his return to the United States.

“Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?” Acosta asked.  Trump did not respond.

That question can be heard at the 2:53 mark in the video below:

Good question.  Keep in mind that Kim was making threats and shooting ballistic missiles just a few months ago.

Writing at the Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft said:

President Trump did all he could for that family, but today the President was signing an agreement for the future of the world. Although we do not know at this time what is in the agreement, we do know that the President’s efforts will lead towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.  This moment was historical and then Jim Acosta attempted to destroy it.

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Jim Acosta should never be allowed in the White House press pool ever again. He should apologize to the President and all of America and the Warmbier family.  Shame, shame, shame on you, Jim Acosta.

We could not agree more.

It’s no wonder CNN was once dubbed the “least-trusted” name in network news.


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