CNN goes to Iran to bash GOP candidates


There’s a reason I call the “mainstream media” the “Democrat-media complex.”  Call this reason #568,253.

CNN decided to use Iranian citizens as a tool to bash GOP candidates who participated in Wednesday’s debate, Newsbusters said.  Moreover, the network decided to tell us what Iranians think of the current field of candidates.  As if we’re all going to make up our minds based on man-in-the-street interviews in Tehran.

“We showed Iranians photos of GOP candidates. They said this,” blared the CNN headline.  Video is at the link, if you really care what Iranians think.

CNN then posted some of the opinions held by individual Iranians.

On Donald Trump:

  • “I think he’s completely wrong. This deal is good for both countries, Iran and the U.S., and for the whole world.
  • “I think he’s not right about the agreement.”

Here’s who they thought Carly Fiorina is:

  • “Hillary? No, I don’t know.”
  • “She’s the former Hewlett-Packard manager … Fio something … I forget her name.”
  • “Nancy Pelosi?”

More here, in case you really want to know…


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