CNN Calls Tucker Carlson The New Alex Jones … Here’s Why That Was A Mistake (Video)

These goons over at CNN just can’t help stepping on rakes. Here is another one.

Oliver Darcy and his co-conspirator, Brian Stelter are using their platform on CNN to undermine and throw mud at the much more successful Tucker Carlson.

Are they slapping at Tucker because they think his information is that deeply dangerous to the good of the country? Or is there a much uglier motive at play here?

Here is the tweet Oliver Darcy put out with video where he and Brian ‘Potato head’ Stelter declare that he IS the ‘new Alex Jones’. But that statement is more damning of THEM than it is of Tucker.

Notice Oliver takes carefully cherry-picked clips out of context, and sets them beside someone that has been successfully ‘otherized’ as a discredited media source. Their intent is clear. They want Tucker to be cast into the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. In his case, that would mean ‘deplatforming’.

Right at the beginning, for example, Tucker makes the very uncontroversial statement that everything we do has attendant risks, including the use of the vaccine. If Tucker was warning everybody to NOT take it because it would make you glow in the dark or whatever, that would be a conspiracy theory. But since he is saying that the pubic has a right to informed consent about the risks before introducing a foreign substance into their body, risks like, say, myocarditis, or blood clots, or Bell’s Palsy that have been reported by recipients, and some sense of how likely those outcomes are in the bigger picture, that changes the context entirely.

The same dynamic plays out in the other criticisms, too. They never interact with or examine the validity of the core ideas Tucker raises, they just dismiss it as crazy, and proceed with the personal attacks on the man himself.

This isn’t ‘journalism’ this is the skill set of a cheap shot artist.

It prompts the obvious question … ‘why’ are they doing it?

Alex Jones has himself admitted that his antics on air are a ‘persona’. Just like CNBC’s Jim Cramer probably isn’t that same hyper-caffeinated guy 24/7. He carried on with his antics for years, while people kind of ignored him as a colorful, unpredictable character, with big opinions. Some of them were outlandish. Others eventually checked out.

There isn’t even a hint of introspection here. Darcy never acknowledges the times that his own network actually ran bogus pieces that ALL mysteriously advantaged and disadvantaged the respective political parties in exactly the same way.

Hunter’s laptop was NOT Russian disinformation. Russia was NOT paying bounties. It was NOT impossible to get the vaccine ready by year’s end. It was the LEFT that was casting doubt on the safety of these ‘rushed’ vaccines.

We even have a series of videos where a CNN insider admitted to manipulating information to manipulate the public. This included explicitly tilting the election to favor Biden over Trump, weaponizing race stories to push a bogus narrative, and deliberately pumping up pandemic panic for ratings and to hurt Trump: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

The truth is obviously not their objective here. But the comparison to Alex Jones gives us a clue. Remember, the current ratings collapse of the ‘mainstream’ networks is exactly what Trump had predicted would happen when he left office. They would lose clout.

Ratings for Fox has slid, too, but they are still miles ahead of the competition, and Tucker, in particular, has a following because he has interesting guests from across the political spectrum, and covers topics that others won’t touch with a 10′ pole.

It turns out, that approach makes for compelling television, which is better for ratings than bringing on the same 5 experts who all march lockstep with your ideas.

Is it possible that this smear tactic is being driven by envy? Is it possible they can’t beat Tucker in a fair fight? They know he keeps discrediting their carefully crafted narratives, and openly mocking some of their talking head’s more inglorious moments?

This brings us back to Alex Jones. We remember he was deemed ‘dangerous’ and a pressure campaign was mounted to deplatform him and remove his ‘dangerous content’ from the internet entirely. They tried a few approaches until they finally found one that stuck.

They followed exactly the same kind of steps that were referenced in the Media Matters white paper put out right after Hillary lost her election and the left was pissed that conservatives had outflanked them with social media. Media Matters War Plan 2017 It’s the same dishonest plan, incidentally, they used to wage their endless campaign against Donald Trump, including criminal investigations that we see continuing today.

Did they just give their game away by linking Tucker’s name to Jones?

Nobody really cared too much about Jones popping off about chemicals ‘turning the frogs gay’ or whatever else he was whipped up about until he started using his following to turn CNN into a laughing stock.

When Alex Jones invoked the ‘meme war’ to shine a light on what a collection of clowns their so-called serious journalistic network really is, that touched a nerve. Of course it did. Students of Alinsky know full well how dangerous public mockery can be to a brand as fragile as CNN’s.

Here’s some more background about the meme war, to refresh anyone’s memory: Yet Another Pro-Trump Meme Has CNN’s Knickers In A Knot (Video)

Here is where we reported on what looks an awful lot like ‘insider knowledge’ about the very first steps of Alex Jones’s eventual internet blacklisting.

Was ‘Free Press’ Just Caught Colluding With Twitter In Latest Alex Jones Blacklisting?

The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ in the Alex Jones debacle just happened to have Oliver Darcy smack dab in the middle of it… and then that ‘abusive behavior’ of the verbal confrontation with Darcy was the reason he was removed from Twitter.

Before Twitter even announced it, the stories are in print.

And one of those stories was written by none other than Oliver Darcy.

Not only did he get to ‘report’ the news, but he got to ‘be’ the news, and he got to silence a news rival, with a little help from the tech giant he’s been lobbying / pressuring by way of social media to do exactly that.

How convenient. –that full ClashDaily story available here

The left eventually moved on to cancelling bigger fish, like the President himself.

The War Plan document has specifically called attention to right-of-center news outlets.

Are the clowns over at CNN admitting they can never beat Tucker in a fair fight, so they are going to go full Nancy Kerrigan on him, and have their goons take out a competitor they could never actually beat?

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