CNN breaking news editor orders Bobby Jindal to leave Obama alone: ‘Find a new boogeyman’

BobbyJindalKennerMcCain2008If you need further proof of the existence of the Democrat-media complex, here it is.  On Wednesday afternoon, Rebekah Metzler demanded that Gov. Bobby Jindal leave Barack Obama alone.

According to Metzler, Obama is “old news.”  She also demanded that Jindal “find a new boogeyman.”  So who is Rebekah Metzler, you might ask?  According to her Twitter bio, she happens to be the “Breaking News Editor” for CNN Politics.  That’s right — she decides what’s news and what isn’t.

Here’s her Twitter bio, at least as of this writing:

metzlerSo — just because Obama’s the president is no reason to criticize him, apparently.  Twitter users weighed in on this new revelation:

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Good question.  Probably isn’t ever going to happen, though.

Another very good question.


Was her statement racist?

Why, yes, it could very well be…

But wait, she managed to attack former President George W. Bush, who hasn’t been in office since Jan. 2009:

So, Obama is old news and everyone should lay off, but it’s okay to bash George W. Bush?  Can you say “hypocrisy?”  Or maybe that’s just the CNN model for what constitutes “breaking news.”

At least, that’s what everyone claims…

One person gave Metzler the scolding CNN should have:

I’m not holding my breath.


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