CNN apologizes for ‘joke’ about Donald Trump’s plane crashing

CNN apologizes joke Trump plane crash
CNN crew jokes about Donald Trump’s plane crashing — Screengrab: YouTube

On Friday, the Daily Caller reported that CNN, the outlet known here as the “Clinton News Network,” issued an apology after correspondent Suzanne Malveaux was caught on video joking about President-elect Donald Trump’s plane crashing before a press conference on the Carrier deal.

Here’s the original video:

According to the Daily Caller:

In footage obtained and posted on YouTube by Scott Jones of FTV Live, an unidentified producer can be heard telling reporter Suzanne Malveaux that the president-elect’s plane crashed.

“That means his plane’s crashed,” the producer says as Malveaux grins. “No, I’m kidding.”

CNN said it apologized to the Trump team.

“An unfortunate and inappropriate remark was made by one of our producers off camera yesterday,” CNN said, according to the Daily Caller. “We have apologized to the Trump transition team, and the producer has been disciplined.”

But a lot of people aren’t buying the apology, Twitchy said.

Good questions…  As FTV Live reported in an update, CNN did not specify what discipline was meted out.

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Some believe this proves Trump is right about the media:

Exit question: How long will it take CNN and the rest of the Democrat-media complex to blame the Russians?


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