CNN Advises People To Feed Their Pets INSECTS To Solve “Climate Change”

(Natural News) A mainstream media (MSM) outlet notoriously known for peddling fake news has advised people to feed their pets with insects to solve “climate change.”

CNN, also known as the “fake news network” or FNN, pointed its finger at pet cats and dogs for “climate change” due to their traditional meat-based diets. “Their meat-heavy diet is the biggest contributor to their carbon paw prints, which require an abundance of energy, land and water to produce,” it said. “The production of pet food emits huge amounts of planet-warming gases.”

The network called for an assessment of the food served to pets during their meal times. Instead of the real thing, it exhorted Americans to feed their dogs with insect-based meals or lab-grown meat.

“Insect-based pet foods can be nutritionally complete, and are starting to come onto the market around the world, said Angela Frimberger, a veterinarian with the Australian advocacy group Vets for Climate Action. “They can also be a solution for some pets that have food allergies to traditional protein sources.”

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The fake news purveyor also advised Americans to adopt smaller animals, arguing that these have a smaller carbon footprint compared to canines and felines. “A chihuahua’s carbon pawprint will be much smaller than [that of] a Saint Bernard, for example,” it stated.

University of California, Los Angeles professor Gregory Okin told CNN: “Small rodents and birds are great options. Snakes, turtles and reptiles can have a really low impact, too, for those that are into it.”

Fake news network’s advice reeks of hypocrisy

The fake news media outlet’s advice was widely mocked on social media, with several users taking to Twitter to put in their two cents on it.

One user pointed out the irony of the advice, saying that the fake news channel’s anchor Anderson Cooper “will still fly around on his private jet, but you want us to get rid of Fido to stop climate change.”

NewsPunch‘s Baxter Dmitry pointed out that CNN promoting insect consumption to address “climate change” lined up with the plans of its globalist masters.

In a separate Oct. 3 piece, he explained that “most humans have a natural aversion when it comes to insects.” He continued: “The sight of some types of bugs, like cockroaches, for instance, provokes an instant feeling of disgust. This is a near-universal trait in humans, [and] it is believed to be instinctual.”

“Our natural inclination to recoil when a bug is anywhere near us could be our brains warning us that these things could bite, sting, infect or even poison us to death. Also, considering the fact that insects feed on filth, decay, and excrement, the mere sight of them is enough for our brains to send an alarm signal telling us that something is wrong.”

Dmitry, however, pointed out that the MSM is pivoting toward the consumption of bugs. Some examples he mentioned include celebrities such as Nicole Kidman eating insects on camera and journalists writing about the eventuality of people eating insects.

“The elites’ carefully laid plan is playing out in front of our eyes, and it all leads us towards a decreased supply of meat and an increased supply of insects and synthetic foods,” he wrote. “They want us to eat cockroaches while smiling, owning nothing, and pretending to be happy.” (Related: Globalist elites pushing their bug-eating agenda in the name of saving the world from climate change.)

Thus, it is not surprising that CNN – known for peddling lies about former President Donald Trump – will endorse insect consumption to push the lie that is climate change.

Watch this video that features actresses Nicole Kidman and Angeline Jolie consuming insects.

This video is from the Vigilent Citizen channel on Brighteon.com.

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