Did Clinton’s campaign just take a fatal one-two punch?

A new anti-Clinton ad is capitalizing on her comment about "deplorable" people who support rival Donald Trump. (You tube screen capture)
A new anti-Clinton ad is capitalizing on her comment about “deplorable” people who support rival Donald Trump. (You tube screen capture)

First it was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Freudian moment in which she may have let candor get the better of her with the now-infamous “Basket of Deplorables” remark, and then her caught-on-video stumble into a van while Secret Service agents tried to shield the incident.

The $64 question now appears to be whether Clinton’s campaign can survive this. Speculation runs from the predictable to the bizarre. At the low end of the scale, it is already being reported that Clinton running mate Tim Kaine is “in the bull pen” warming up to take over the campaign if she has to step aside.

Way out in the weeds, there is speculation that Clinton has a body double, and people are basing that on different images of the Democrat, taken from different angles, that apparently convince people they’re looking at two different women.

Speculation aside, Clinton’s mouth got her in trouble the other day with millions of American voters. There is already an anti-Clinton ad capitalizing on her comments about “deplorable” people, and even one columnist for New York Magazine has jumped to her defense on that level.

Here’s video of that ad:

But the comment hurt her, and proof of that came with her effort to walk back her remarks. A lot of people are convinced that her true feelings about millions of citizens came bubbling up. Liberals may have short memories and attention spans, but coal miners, gun owners, and legions of other “middle Americans” just might remember in November, and that worries Democrats.

The bitter frosting on this political cake came with Clinton’s “medical episode” on Sunday. Video of her stumble streaked across social media at warp speed, and while she seemed to quickly recover by later in the day, her health has become a bigger campaign issue than guns, at least for the time being.

What people see in that video is not speculation. She stumbled, or her legs buckled; whatever happened she needed help getting into that van and the whole world can see it. Watch what public opinion polls say about the episode.

If there’s anything to the term “game changer,” what happened to Hillary on Sunday could easily meet the definition. It is one thing for a political candidate to falter badly with a gaffe. It’s another thing entirely for a candidate to falter while stepping off a curb, especially if it is caught on camera.

The explanation that Clinton suffers from pneumonia and was dehydrated seems to be harder to swallow than a cold capsule for many people talking about it on social media. They may talk louder on Nov. 8.


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