Clinton: Wikileaks ‘October Surprise’ predictions flying fast and furious

Clinton and her BFF (Photo: Pinterest).
Clinton and her BFF (Photo: Pinterest).

Wikileaks founder and head honcho Julian Assange recently vowed that he is ready to drop a dreaded October Surprise directly on the head of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

As noted by TownHall.com’s Katie Pavlich, “Assange promised to release additional and damning information surrounding Clinton’s personal email use and said the Democrat presidential candidate should be ‘worried’ about what’s coming. Now, Assange is  following up on that promise and warning about an October surprise that will ‘absolutely’ come before the presidential election.”

With that particular gauntlet thrown, a cottage industry has popped up regarding the predictions of what exactly will make Hillary’s universe unravel.

In no particular order;

1. Hillary’s a not-so-closeted lesbian. Not that having a same-sex download2attraction is all that shocking in this day and age, but believing that someone could actually find her sexually attractive does stretch the bounds of credibility. Then again, there’s that weird hole on her tongue. Is that where the fire comes out? On second thought, I’ll take “Syphilitic Canker” for a thousand, Alex.

 2. Clinton ordered Ambassador Chris Stevens to Benghazi to facilitate sending US weapons to Islamic jihad terrorists in the ISIS-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria. Personally, I find it beyond mere coincidence that the sole person Amb. Stevens took with him to Benghazi was Sean Smith, a State Department Information Management Specialist, also known as a computer communications operator. Adding to the enigmatic reasoning why Smith was the only person to accompany Stevens is the understanding that some of the duty requirements of Smith’s job include:

  • Administer, operate, and troubleshoot classified and unclassified telecommunications network equipment, including but not limited to, cryptographic equipment, multiplexers, modems, routers, switches, and satellite equipment.
  • Administer secure and non-secure telephone and wireless programs at embassies and consulates by installing new equipment, as well as maintaining and repairing existing equipment.
  • Install, test, maintain, and deploy various wireless and satellite emergency communications systems.
  • Administer classified and unclassified Diplomatic Pouch and Mail programs at overseas locations by providing appropriate supervision, reporting and oversight.
  • Monitor and implement security and management controls on Department of State automated information systems.

3. With both Bill and Hillary already very publicly claiming if she’s elected president, both would step down from the Clinton Foundation. However, daughter Chelsea would remain on the board. With the fact that Hillary used both her mother’s funeral as well as her daughter’s wedding as examples of “personal emails” she had deleted from her illegal private server, is it really that outlandish to think with Chelsea on the hook at the Clinton Foundation, if a future (Trump) presidential administration ordered a criminal investigation were to uncover any illegal activity, Chelsea would take the fall.

4. Possibly that Hillary has stated in a past email in no uncertain terms that she really does hate America, working-class Americans, and especially the inner-city poor.

5. Explaining his dramatic weight loss and overall Crypt Keeper Ceg6UdpXEAYd4bgtransformation, Hillary has known all along that Bill has AIDS. Yet again, in today’s permissive society, no biggie. But what could lead to scandal is the knowledge that of his numerous flights on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet the “Lolita Express,” Bill very well may have actually been jetting off to Epstein’s alleged “sex slave island” in the Caribbean.  A hedge fund billionaire, Epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution with a minor.


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